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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawnamus, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Lawnamus

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    For a long time now, I had my guys just meet me at the job site where we were working (mainly apartment complexes). I would have my supervisors meet at the shop, load up the equipment, and then go to the job site. Now with more employees, they would rather meet at the shop and ride which is fine. My problem is that 3 days a week, there is a considerable 25-30 minute ride to the property. Since they help load up the equipment they are on the clock, but paying 3 extra people to ride aside from the supervisor is not good. How do you all work this type of situation?
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    Doesn't the equipment get loaded and everything else at the shop get going alot faster in the morning with all the additional guys there to help? Additional help loading should make up for some of that time spent riding.

    I mean, if you drove a beer delivery truck, would you expect to be paid starting when you show up at the distribution base, or not until you get to your first stop which might take 30 minutes or more in heavy traffic?

    In my personal opinion, if I hired your COMPANY for a commercial contract, and I saw your 3 or 4 guys all getting out of different vehicles at my place, instead of everybody hopping out of a company truck and busting ass, I'd wonder if you're on the up and up.
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    Ive got a good friend in this business and he has got to the point he has to factor in the drive time for employees when he does the bids on properties....I never gave it much thought (solo operator here) but in your case 3 guys @ 30 minutes each times 3 days a week equals 4.5 hours labor a week and that is costing you (not sure what your cost are but.....) prob 200 bux a week.

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    Just part of owning a business, you have to pay it just like you have to pay for the fuel to go in the truck. Get used to it. Don't pay the ride time and all they have to do is drop the dime on you to your DOL and then you'd wished you would have.
  5. Lawnamus

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    Good points, and thats why I am asking

    I agree more hands loading= less time loading and yes employees should have their time start if and when they help load the equipment.

    I guess my point is this: While it may be condisdered a cost of doing business (riding time), 3 people aside from the supervisor riding at a minimum of $10/hr., 30 minutes to the job and 30 minutes from the job =$30 pay for maybe 15 minutes of loading and unloading. While I could say your time stops when you are done at the job, again, they help unload so I agree they should be paid for that.

    Don't misunderstand me. I am in no way trying to be cheap, I am far from that...I pay all my guys better than anyone else. I am approaching this from a smart business standpoint monetarily speaking.

    I do agree also about the professional appearance of arriving in one truck etc., but 3+ hours a week at a minumum of $90 plus skyrockets quick.... just want your creative thoughts .....................thanks
  6. JB1

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    ask your state wage board and you will find out what the others already told you. Welcome to the big leagues.
  7. mslawn

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    Time cannot stop until they are through working, riding is working. My advice is buy a good set of timeclocks to track time to the minute.
    I bought the jobclock system over a year, the guys love it, I love it, it simplifies everything. No more of them handing in a handwritten time sheet with rounded up figures. They get paid from clock in to lunch out, lunch in to clock out for the exact time they worked. How many times they got paid for working till 4 when they prolly left by 3:42? I have a jobclock in every truck and at the end of the week they all sync together on the palm when they are downloaded. 15 minutes here and there may not seem like much, but when that equates to overtime rate it adds up. Just my two cents..I bought mine here www.jobclock.com
  8. grassmanak

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    having your employees pull up to your job sites and park everywhere is unprofessional, now youve got 3 g rides parked out front leakin oil and dropping rust chunks in the lots. it might cost you a little more money, but they should be meeting at the shop and leaving from the shop/
  9. Az Gardener

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    Here is a thread
    that discusses at length, production ratios, how to minimize the lost time and how to express the importance to your employees, and what is typical in the industry .
  10. Mrs. H

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    IMO 25-30 min ride is not bad.

    We've had props that take an hour+ to get to. But we are in a sprawling rural community.

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