Employee Time Punch Clock?? Trailer mount?


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Ok well guys im looking to see what you use in terms of time/ punch clocks. The guys are Milking me for hours (well i cant really blame them) But its due to bad math, bad memory and just negligence. My shop is pretty much just a yard with a few enclosures so until i can move i plan to mount the punch clocks in both trailers. The guys only work out of one trailer so it wont be a problem.

Im looking for the most basic system i can find... I invision something where the guys punch IN their PIN or swipe their card into the system. Then punch OUT at the end of the day... Then when I can view the number of hours at the end of the week...

Anyone have a system like that or know of anything that will work?


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Just saw in a mag. There is one I think is called job lock.
I'm pretty sure that is the same as the one in the link. Looks like it would work, I think it's about $1k.

If you contact them they will pester you to death with calls, fax and emails.

TX Easymoney

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Clip software can do it...scheduling as well...employees use smart phone to log onto website and clock in and out of all jobs...and you get a detail of their work hours at end of week-