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    Well guys i havent been on here in awhile and need some advice. We have been doing a complete restructuring of the company in the last three months to cut back on landscaping and just tend to maintenance. My problem comes from one of my employees.

    One of my employees doesnt have transportation and until now he's asking if its okay to take the company truck home(as of the last month)

    I have been letting him take it to and from work and then on the weekends(he lives less than 10 miles away but its about a 25 minute drive without traffic). Being the nice guy that i am and not thinking i was being taken advantage of i let him to this for a month now, After the second week i started seeing the milage go from 50-60 miles a week to about 300-400 miles a week(non-business related). I told him if he's going to do that he needs to fill the truck up. .... he says he does. But then drives it 300-400 miles (more than a full tank) and then bring the truck back with a quarter tank.

    Im not being the gas or milage jew, but is it my responsibility to get him to and from work since his car is broken down? Hes making almost 650 bucks a week! im paying for his bfast and lunch, water, and smokes.

    At the end of the day, is it right for him to ask me for a ride home when its an hour round trip?

    I just dont know what to do and want him to work for me but feel as if im being taken advantage of. I should be letting employees take a company truck home. And not get any compensation for milage and everything.

    Let me hear your thoughts.

    Am i being unreasonable to not let him use the truck and to not drive him home?
  2. grandview (2006)

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    Bombing around town in your truck,hopefully he's not to drunk on the weekend to find it.
  3. RedSox4Life

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    650 bucks a week tell him to buy a damn car.

    Ive been through this with employees in the past, its a no win situation for you. 3-400 miles per week equals over 11,000 per year assuming an 8 month season. Hes taking servicable years off the life of something you use to make money.
  4. Dave does lawns

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    Very well said. I would let the employee know that you had assumed this "perk" was temporary and that he needs to figure out his car situation soon. If hes a good guy, maybe let him know that perhaps a month from now you will have to put an end to the truck taking home.....
  5. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    If you can afford it, you would be better off to pay for his car repairs & take it out of his check each week til paid back. Or by him a cheap car to be paid back in weekly payments. Just my suggestion!
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  6. grandview (2006)

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    No. Makes you responsible if he gets in an accident. On buying a car.
  7. White Gardens

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    Your paying for his breakfast, lunch, cigarettes, and gas in your truck. Along with the insurance you pay on your truck?

    Sounds like you need to pay him 800-900 bucks a week in his paycheck, because it sure sounds like that's ultimately what you are paying him now, and you can't ride that off on your taxes.......

  8. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    Isn't he responsible at this point already, with employee using company truck for personal use & not Just to get back & forth to work. He don't have to buy the car, guess I should have said loan him money to buy a car.
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  9. RSK Property Maintenance

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    sounds like you're being very generous as it is, i would tell him to fix his car or you get his car fixed if you can afford it and have the cost taken out weekly until its paid off, i buy whoever works for me lunch some days depending on what we have done for work that day, i only deduct 30 mins for lunch, some times lunch is over an hour long, and i usually pick 2 of my guys up every day, luckily they live in the town in work in and they aren't far from my accounts, but having them help me load up in the morning sure is helpful when they have a ride. i wouldn't let a guy take home a company vehicle unless i knew he was only driving it to and from work period. i mean how easily can he be replaced if he was to quit.
  10. knox gsl

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    It sounds like you are going above and beyond before letting him drive your truck. I would tell him to fix his car or make other arrangements.

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