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    thanks for all your replies. I told him today that he is going to have to figure out what he is going to do about getting to work. hes a really nice guy and its hard to see him in a bind, but he is being paid top dollar, because he does great work and i dont have to bbsit him.

    He IS replaceable but hes been with me for a year and a half and i trust him.

    The fact that he is putting that many miles on it makes me cringe and our route is only about 45 miles long each week. No joke, its the tightest route you could imagine and last year i only put 4k miles on the truck last year and in one month he put 1k miles.

    Im answering my own questions on this matter i just wanted to see how you guys felt.

    I feel like his dad and i should have to feel this way. He gets paid way to well. By the way, i only pay for his lunch and **** when i am working in the field. Which is slowly finishing up becuase im headed back to school again.

    I am going to offer to pay for his car to be fixed, and just tell him my insurance doesnt cover him on the plan after work, and i am liable if he gets in an accident, which is completely true. ANd on top of that i would be down a truck.

    Thanks for all your help
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    You're going to pay for HIS repair bill?

    Are you high?
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    Here is what you do. Make him get a ride or fix his own. Figure out the exact miles for your mowing route... Then add a few extra just for error. Then figure out the miles to his home and back every day... Add a few for error. Add
    Up 5 days per week and tell him you are expecting that truck does nothing more than take his butt home and back. Any more mileage is abuse of the temporary privlage your providing, then add up the exact cost of insurance, fuel, deprecation, maintence per mile. Add 10% more because you should make money on every investment you have, then tell him that every week your going to figure out how many he drove. A. If he drives more
    Then home and back he looses the privlage, and B. regardless of what he drives he gets charged for evey mile. I promise you charge him $1.00 per mile. He will fix his own. $1.00 per mile with fuel, insurance, deprecation and maintenance is more that
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    Our minds are running wild on that censoring... :)
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    Man I hope it isn't that good looking dump truck you had for sale last month!
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    Write an employee manual for next year. Put in it that, " all employees are responsible for their own transportation" if they want to keep working.

    I had an employee for a very short period years ago, who came to work with his party clothes on (up all night) he needed food, and wanted me to buy him smokes.....I told him to walk home and not come back.

    I think you're being used.

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    thanks again for all the replies and as of today he is not taking the truck home any more.

    I am going to help him pay for the repair and he is going to pay me back(withhold from his check each week) the amount over two months.

    I actually just sold the dump truck yesterday, he's been taking home my f-250 that i mostly use for personal driving/backup truck. I think i am going to sell the f-250 too and downsize a bit more. no point in having three trucks for 125 lawns. We can do them all in 3 1/2 full days (8-6)

    Id like to get about 30-60 more lawns and get a 3 man crew going and then start thinking of adding another crew either in the spring or next summer.
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    It can't be said any better than that.
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    Good luck your sound like nice guy and that is great feature. Try to stay strong and be the boss. This is hard, I know I am the same way. It is easier to be tuff and then relax then the other way.:drinkup:

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