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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Pastures, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Green Pastures

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    Looking to impliment a dress code for all employees this coming season.

    Laborers will be in tan khaki's pants or shorts depending on weather and a company t-shirt, boots, safety glasses and earplugs. I will make available hats for purchase but will not require hats to be worn. However no other brand/company hats will be worn while on my clock.

    Crew leaders will dress the same with the exception of a different color shirt., possibly a collared shirt.

    I will dress similar except have a collared shirt with embroidered logo and name in the polo type shirt.

    Hoddies and sweatshirts will be available for fall winter wear.


    Trying to decide if I make uniforms available for free to all employees then charge for them if they are not returned at employment end. I don't want a bunch of used clothing being returned to me though. What the heck am I going to do with a bunch of used shirts/pants?

    How can I charge a brand new employee for $100 worth of clothing at the beginning of the employment relationship?

    What do you do?
  2. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    I really wish we could edit our own posts, beyond the 5 minute limit or whatever it is......

    I absolutely hate looking like an idiot because of spelling errors.

  3. Mow Mony

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    Hello from Va Beach!

    We have our employees wear a uniform T shirt, always white...any of the darker colors just get too hot IMO Each returning employees gets 5 t-shirts in the spring, I'm giving all my returners a free hooded sweatshirt this season.

    We also require protective boots and eye protection, I tried to instate hearing protection but most refuse to wear it everyday...

    We don't require pants, myself I can't stand wearing pants when its 100 degrees in August, I just say dark colored shorts/pants (khaki gets grass stains easy and looks bad)

    I always wear a full brim hat, none of my employees wear hats though, never can figure out why? I love mine...

    For us, after completing training, each new employee gets 7 uniform t-shirts, no upfront cost to them, when they start. They are required to be in a clean uniform shirt at the start of every day, or they have to buy another shirt from me if they come to work without one (I keep a spare or two in the truck) I give them the option of hoodies for the fall at their own cost, if they don't buy them they have to wear their uniform t-shirt over their own sweatshirt.

    If/when they quit/are fired, they have to turn all shirts back in since they were free, or its deducted from their last check. If they are trashed/stained, well so be it, that comes with the line of work in my opinion. I just don't want an ex-employee wearing my uniform shirts around doing who knows what, and most would rather give em back than get charged for each shirt. Even the worn ones, unless completely trashed, can be used as backups or given to other employees as spares...only thing that sucks is if you have a 2xl guy, haha

    SLCINC LawnSite Member
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    I had to pay for all the uniforms, they didn't want to pay for any of them. I offer them 2 free t-shirts a yr. and by the mid summer those shirts are in horrible condition., so I would probably offer 1 more. Fall/Winter guys get a hoody and supervisors get a company jacket all free. Anything more than that employee must pay.
  5. yardmanlee

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    my guys get 6 t- shirts and for fall 1 hoodie and 1 sweat shirt, and I will replace when they are worn out, this year im looking at purchasing some work pants and shorts if they want them, I insist the work pant now to be jeans or dark gray, shirts are light gray w/ company name and number. best kind of advertising !!!
  6. supercuts

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    i think your goign to have a tough time selling your employees uniforms. if they need them, you give it to them. most people starting are most likely younger and making poor money. how can you expect them to fork over $100. you take your used shirts and make rags out of them. its a right off, how much do they really cost, $10-15 ea?
  7. paponte

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    We use a uniform service, 13 shirts 13 pants, 2 jackets. They come every Wednesday, pick up 6 dirty and drop off 6 clean. I don't charge the guys for it, it's one of the perks I offer and the guys love the no laundry deal. Never really had a problem with getting uniforms back. I've only fired one guy since we have been using them, and he didn't get his last paycheck till everything was back.
  8. AI Inc

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    What do you pay for that?
  9. HazellLawnCare

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    I give all guys 5 dickies kahki work pants, 5 kahki cargo shorts, 5 navy polo shirts with logo on them, 2 sweatshirts and 1 jacket with the logo on them. We get more compliments on the uniforms and it really sets us apart. I give them all the uniform stuff but require it to be turned in before they get their last pay check. I am curious what you are paying for the uniform service also. I have thought about it several times but I hear the pants are very uncomfortable.
  10. willietd2

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    i give my guys shirts. they ware there own pants or shorts but no holes. i no if someone required me to ware something and i had to buy it, i would tell them to stick it.

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