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employee vehicle/pay


LawnSite Senior Member
St. Louis, Mo
I was wandering if any of you employ a person that uses his/her own truck. How do you pay them for it? Hourly? By the mile? (FYI I am in St. Louis.)


LawnSite Member
last year i had a guy sub for me with his own truck and plow. i paid him 25/hr, not enough i know but 90% of the time he was in my truck as one of my employees, running a sander. but, he also didn't have his own insurance, and little experience. i had to loan him money all the time, buy his gas, etc. also gave him a plow to use when his broke and he also plowed his own accounts too. needless to say he is my girlfriend's aunt's fiance, and getting him to do anything was like pulling teeth. i guess he had too much faked disability time and he was used to sleeping until noon. to make a long story short the guy lasted most of last season. one night his truck was "broken" at 3 am after plowing for an hour so he went home until 7 when the nearest garage opened. it turned out it needed a cam, the same problem it had for a while. he couldn't plow for me but he proceeded to plow his own accounts, plowing the last two on a flat tire. sorry, i am just venting but to make a long story short, i guess you guys get the point.