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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T.C.O.B., Oct 15, 2000.

  1. T.C.O.B.

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    I am considering hiring a couple of employess. Can you educate me on postioning and pay rates.

    Employee Hired: Pay Rate
    Entry level to 1 Year experience $6.50
    1-3 years experience $7.50
    and so on.......
    Maintenance Tech $6.50
    Crew Lead $7.50
    and so on.......
    I know each area is different, I am in Florida, and any help in employee structuring or pay is appreciated.

  2. jaclawn

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    WHy would I want to do hard labor outside in all weather conditions when I could work inside stocking shelves for $8/hr with no experience?

    I think that you need to offer more $$$.
  3. LoneStarLawn

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    jaclawn if your profile was filled out we could see your location and justify your answer. If your in Florida then you are correct. But if your not in Florida then you may be wrong. Markets vary from region to region..depends on where you are..Florida LCO's might have a better idea of the market. I don't live in Florida so I wouldn't know.
  4. T.C.O.B.

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    Thanks Guys! I was only using the numbers as a reference to Position & Pay. Just like to know your pay rates for each position in your company, and how the positions are structured (Laborer, Leadman, Supervisor, ect..). I'll figure out the difference between cities for standard of living.
  5. mike48114

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    in Florida (used to live there)
    $7.50 labor
    8.00 experiance
    8.50 1 year at your place of employment
    9.00 crew leader
    and so on...

    in Michigan and most of mid west whare i live now:
    $8.00 labor
    8.50 experiance
    9.00 1 year at your place of employment
    9.50 crew leader

  6. Runner

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    Hey Mike, where abouts in Michigan are you?
  7. Runner

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    I talked to one operator from my area, and he paid his guys 25% of the price he got for the job. In other words, if he sent a two man crew out, then they would split the 25%. The catch is, that he did not pay them any road time. Just actual job time.
  8. Twenty five percent of the gross is what you could pay the one man operator. You have got to remember that there is another 30% you have to pay on the 25% in workmans comp, fica and unemployment comp.

    So your labor cost is 32.5% of the gross.

    Now if you can keep the rest of the overhead to 17.5% that
    one man crew is neting the contractor 50% of the gross.

    Hey if a guy can mow $700 or $175 gross a day I say let him.
  9. landscaper3

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    All areas are different, shop around and ask. Up here in Maine experinced lawn care without fertilizer licence makes $10.00hr to start with $12.50 to start. Construction landscaping $14hr and up and formans up to $20.00hr it all depends on your location.
  10. lawnMaster5000

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    well i am paying experience $9
    and my crew leader $12

    here in st louis this is probably high pay but they do great work and i just relax at college all winter.

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