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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ocutter73, Aug 21, 2010.

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    I have had my one employee for a year now. I just put him on the book this past may. He makes $10.25/hr. His duties are basic...mow, move base material, level , screed, move blocks, all your basic standards of entry level employees. He does not have a license so he gets rides from family to and from work (15 min ride). On occasion I have given him a ride if we ended early or if no one was available.

    He called and left an aggravated message desiring more money or he will need to look else where for anothe job. He is not a foreman mind you, and does have anger problems when away from worksites, thankfully. He does work his ass off and out shines those with more experience. I dont feel comfortable putting him in front of clients for sales and he doesnt know a yew from a maple tree.

    Part of me wants to tell him hes lucky to have this position and to go pound sand. The other half does respect the work he has put towards the company and work with his needs. My question to all is what are you paying someone with a years exp. with your company and his background/situation. I feel im right on target but would like more info. Thanks

    Oh as a side note he found out that others make more than him but they do have a license and a landscape/hardscape background. How have you dealt with those that know others pay?
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    If he works his ass off and he shows up for work for a year, he's worth more then $10. In oct. I think it is minimum wage up here goes to $9.50 and you should see the losers I find from day labour that work minimum wage.

    Personally, for $10/hr I'd rather get a cushy job like gas attendant or something.
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    My 2 cents..
    You say he works his ass off,he's been coming to work for a year now. He makes it to work, how ever he makes it, he makes it. Here in Mass you can make more than 10 bucks at dunkin douhnuts.So basically he's a good worker.
    If your company can afford to pay him more, than maybe you should, just be upfront with him about the issues, you told us about, the anger, and the fact that you wouldn't put him in front of customers. Tell him I could do (such an amount an hour) but I need you to be able to do these things in order to get that money. Good Help is VERY HARD to find.
    Again if your company can afford it, probably wouldn't want to extend your self so that you couldn't afford him.
    Again address the issues and have perform for the raise, If he is a good employee he will perform for his pay.
    My 2 cents
    Thanks for listening
  4. Ocutter73

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    Thanks for the responses. I have been thinking and im willing to offer more for his help.

    How do you all handle keeping the salaries quiet? Employees talk and im sure comparisons happen from time to time. What disciplinary actions do you take for those that dont follow the rules?
  5. loupiscopolandscaping

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    i like what cruz said....he brought up good points.....also if you give him a raise and it doesnt work out, theres plenty of other people he can join that are collecting unemployment.lol....for me if the person is reliable,respectful towards me and the crew, a hard worker, wants to learn, and etc....its worth giving a raise, he deserves it. also just think if u fire him and hire some1 else...weeding new people out and training them isnt something i like to do, plus its expensive paying people that arent producing beause their learing...just my thoughts
  6. Ocutter73

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    All good ideas. He may not see the cup as half full most times (which I will need to address) as this may weaken morale over time. He has been known to be too relaxed with my requests and making off color jokes. This I can only attribute to his stint working with me. I have to tell him that Im not his friend but his boss. Keep the comments silent.
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  8. LoweJ82

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    talking about pay between employeees, fire on spot.,

    A good hard worker who shows up everyday should get atleast .75 to $1.00 pr hr raise.

    I would always bring up about a week before, Hey I been here 3 yrs next fri, and after the first 2 the boss was expecting what was coming and would try to avoid me as in not letting me get him alone, Once I did I got my $1.00 Yearly cost of living raise I called it, then when I had my first kid it was "my cost of living just went up raise" anyhow I always had an alternate job lined up making atleast the same pay.
  9. bsharwood

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    Employees are going to talk about pay between themselves, no matter what. You can threaten to fire them if they do it, but it's really not going to make a difference.

    The key is when the come to you to discuss it you have to say that each employee situation is different. Everyone brings different things to the table and is in different situations.

    I definitely wouldn't make it a fire-able offense, but just let people who are making more that they should be discreet.
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    We start everyone off at 12 bucks an hour and go up from there. If they are good we keep them if they dont show up or work hard they get canned. I think you have a deal right now at 10.25. give him a raise

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