employee wrecked company truck

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by longslawn, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. Randy Scott

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    What moron of a cop agreed to this guy. Because the guy that wasn't paying attention and ran into the back of another person is telling the cops he'll take care of the damages without a ticket getting issued? If I was the cop, at that point I would have told him, you don't have a choice in the matter, YOU ran into the other person, you better believe you are going to pay for it, and for acting like you are doing a good deed by paying, you get the ticket for inattentive driving also. What a jerk. A lesson learned for this guy would be getting the ticket. If he's not responsible enough to keep a drivers license he will inevitably cause you problems down the road.
  2. bubble boy

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    good point. it does seem odd that the cop was this forgiving.

    fishy details here.
  3. dforbes

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    Since the police were called after the fact, an estimate was already done, it sounds like it was a day or two later. I don't think the officer could write a ticket at this time. He probably went along with it because there was no choice. Maybe you should tell the employee if he doesn't have any more accidents in 1 year you will give him half his money back. 2 years the other half. Just a suggestion.
  4. thfireman

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    I would let it pass this time but talk to him about following distances and make a policy for driving and accidents and stand by that policy. I would require him to go to a drivers class the next time or loose his driving privilage for a long while.

    Or you can just tell him he gets just one more chance.

  5. AztlanLC

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    usually my employees star with a thousand dollar chritsmas bonus.

    Case like this I would pay for the damage and tell him, first his bonus might be zero at the end of the year and second his job it's at risk too.

    Then again some people just have such a bad luck. But I keep that for myself
  6. longslawn

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    I paid the $800.00 myself. The employee was due a raise but it will be delayed for a while. I spoke to him about keeping a safe distance between him and other vehicles. I also explained that the next wreck could cost him his job.
    All things considered it could have been worse.
  7. sgtgm5

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    Hmm, I had a similiar problem but it wasnt the employee it was me,,, THE BOSS.. Well my truck got totaled and I keep beating myself for it. I have scourned my self over and over.. But the one thing i learned was it was my fault and i hope that your employee feels the same as i do
  8. Tony Harrell

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    I bumped someone with my pest control truck. No damage on the other and only a small dent in my front bumper. I was expecting a ticket from the cop but didn't get one probably because it was raining. The owner of the company put brakes on the truck a few days later after I explained for the umpteenth time about them. Even with good brakes/tires things happen. Have you ever tried to keep a safe distance and had someone whip in front of you and stop? Technically if you hit someone from behind, you're at fault. Sometimes, you'll get a cop that understands "things happen". As long as there's no/minor damage, you might not get a ticket. When the cop asked me what happened, I told him. I know that flies in the face of everything you've been told about admitting guilt but It's hard to not explain a dented front bumper (honesty is always the best policy you know).

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