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Shawnee Kansas
Im getting off this mower the year. I need to do it. Almost 20 years of this is starting to wear on me. I need to grow also and being solo really inhibts that.

For now Im going to hire one guy on PT. It will probably be between 30-35 hours a week.

Work for now will be trimming and blowing and helping on landscaping jobs.

Eventually, if not known, I will teach how to mow.

In a few months Id like to be able to send him out on his own and hire another guy to help him.

Hopefully in the fall I will be back at school finishing up my hort degree.

My reason is because I want to concentrate on growing and doing my applications while they mow and do the landscaping.

I was thinking about $8.00 to start off with and bumping him up to $10.00 when he starts on his own.

I know it sounds low to start off with but all he will be doing is running a trimmer and a blower.