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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Chopper0912, Mar 5, 2007.

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    I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how they pay there employees for mulching. I have tried paying them by the hour and it works out good in most parts for both of us, me being the owner and the employees getting paid. But I have been think what would be a better thing to do and what do most other companies do.

    Based on two people per site.

    Pay by the hour. Say $7hr.
    Takes 2 people 5 hours to do 20 yards.
    They make $35.

    Pay by the yard. Say $5yd.
    Takes 2 people 5 hours to do 20 yards.
    They make $100.
    Equal to $20 per hour.

    If doing the per yard way, both employees would get paid for the total of 20 yards of mulch spread. So in this case both employees would make $100.

    If you pay by the yard they are most likely not going to "screw" off. Since they are not getting paid by the hour they will not try to drag the work out to get paid more. Am I nuts or am I on line with the way that you guys do it. I am just trying to get the most out of it making it a win win for both parties.

    Thank you guys for your information in advance.

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    by the hour and offer bonus for finishing and getting another job done early. it is easier to pay by hour instead of figuring out how many actual yards they did. My bark yard actually loads my trailers 1.15 yards instead of a yard. they get screwed at that point. good luck though. I am always trying to kick them in high gear.
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    Pay them by the hour they can take the good with the bad. I wouldn't worry so much on how much they made but maybe how to get alot more productive say (2X). You will make more with the right equipment. Equipment is cheaper than labor alot of the time.
  4. bigjeeping

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    I'd recommend by the hour with bonuses for each job if they can stay withing a time confine

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