Employees buy their own equipment?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mottster, Jul 14, 2003.

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    But in my humble thought, according to I.R.S. definitions they no longer would be your employees but independent contractor. Which, my understanding would make you liable for many tax problems.

    I think I know where this thought is coming from, Hey if they own the equipment, it might be better taken care of, won't sprout legs etc....

    It's one thing to keep employee morale up by letting them decide equipment to use, however, who takes all the responsibility? Them or you.

    Um, non compete clause don't mean diddle squat unless your willing to put up the money for litigation to enforce it. Last time I checked, Lawyers don't work for minute steak, but the fillet mignon.

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    that is funny we are talking about this...

    A guy that I recently hired on to do some landscaping maintenance on the side complained about all the tools that he had to buy for the job. The funny thing is that I never told him to buy any tools. We have more than enough tools in the shop. I also remember that when I hired him on and I gave him a key to the shop for the tools, but his exact words were, "thats ok, I will use my own tools, because I don't want to have to drive over here everyday." So I said fine. I never wanted him to BUY tools. :confused:
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    "No comment"

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