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Hello all I was fortunate enough to land a big contract but now am running myself do death to try and keep up. My question is I have never hired employees what is the best way to go about this and how do you get trustworthy employees also what is a good rate for pay to offer any advice would be awesome thanks to all.
Best thing to do is hire a payroll company. They kept all the I's dotted and the T's crossed for you.
As far as pay. No experience $8.50. $9 at 30 days,$10 at 90 days. Most of the time it is best to train newbies your way. However you may need to get at least one experienced guy. Training takes time but is reward with a quality employee. Reward for QUALITY performance. "SPIFF"
Hiring now will give you time to get good employees before peak season and give them time adjust to the heat of summer.
Also, Make sure employees only talk to their co-workers,Nobody else. Pus inform all of your costumer you will ALWAYS be the ONLY one receiving payment. This way employees cant "moonlight" off of your business.
Congrats on the account! When you hire your 1st employee you just made a profitable investment in your company.


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A big contract in Spring Hill???? I didn't know we had those here LMAO..just kidding congrats, as far as employee's, ask other lco's, some of them probably let some guys go in Oct. They may have friends who knows..

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It should not be to hard in the winter. Most stuff here is just trying to come back from the freeze. Are you saying it is tough now or in the summer. All my shrubs at my commerical places are not growing due to the freeze damage. Grass is starting to get green tips again. Good luck. Very hard to train nebies when they never had a string trimmer in hand. It can be done just takes time