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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cutman2000, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. cutman2000

    cutman2000 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Should employees be allowed to use their cellphones while riding in the truck in-between jobs? I have mixed thoughts on this. On one hand the employee is on the clock and their time was bought, whether they are in the truck or mowing. And they should be alert and in work mode. On the other hand they're just sitting there. What are your thoughts?
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  2. Clay Guinn

    Clay Guinn LawnSite Member
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    Depends on what is happening. If we are just driving it doesn't matter. If the foreman is explaining things to the crew they are expected to be paying attention.
  3. zlandman

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    I worked for a company we did installs usually an hour or more from home. Their policy was to pay the way there no pay the way back. They were very concerned with appearance including what guys were doing in the truck. I was often so dead tired I couldn't help but sleep the ride home but then I wasn't on the clock. I wouldn't mind a passenger on the phone if they wrapped it up as soon as arriving at next job. Likely they'll catch useful information now and then like weather coming or a traffic jam on the route. Then again it kind of sucks spending the day with someone buried in their phone.
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  4. grassmonkey0311

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    Riding in a company truck, not on the clock, wow. If that truck ever got into an accident or someone got hurt, that company would be out of business. Stupid owners trying to nickel and dime.
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  5. cutman2000

    cutman2000 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Employees are on the clock if they're in the truck, right? I think it's illegal to not pay employees if they're in the truck.
    I personally think it's rude for employees to have their heads buried in their cell phones, while on the clock. It's like I'm paying them to talk on the phone.
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  6. dieselss

    dieselss LawnSite Silver Member
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    Your paying them to sit there as well right?
    Should they walk, or run or bike to the next job? One drives ones on his phone what's it matter?
  7. Eric Rytilahti

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    If there is a work related discussion then there should be 100% attention. If it's plain windshield time then so be it if an employee is texting, playing a game, etc as long as in good taste. I would get annoyed if they were actually talking on the phone in a pointless conversation, but short convos or anything else if there isn't a task at hand would be reasonable. Just be clear on expectations about not being on it while servicing a property. I would be annoyed if I had to sit in silence being a windshield observer when I could be on lawn site reading tips, catching up on current events or sports articles. We live in a world of multi-tasking; have to adapt.
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  8. LawnVeteran

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    Exactly. When I used to run crews I would always take the time to get to know my guys and what they know and don’t and work to improve everyone including myself.
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  9. TPendagast

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    They’re not riding shotgun looking for ieds.

    It really depends on how much of a problem/distraction it is

    I would get out of shape over a brief call while driving to the next job

    Constantly on the phone?
    That’s a problem
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  10. MNLawns

    MNLawns LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I don't think employees using their phones while driving from job to job is a problem, but there has to be an understanding that as soon as they get to the job site, turn it off and get moving...
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