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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cutman2000, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Hearing protection is something that isn't taken seriously all too often in this industry, and I'm guilty of it myself.

    You'll find earbuds stuffed in my canals when plugs would be more appropriate.

    There are plenty of cheap devices that can only play music or mp3s though and remove the temptation to answer the phone for the 5th time when your significant other has called to whine about something again.

    The fact is that if it's never an issue you'll never know.

    Nobody calls me at work unless it's an emergency. That includes my wife, who wouldn't think twice about making me miserable at work if I couldn't talk with her about it.

    Unless I'm expecting a call from my boss I don't want it to ring.

    Not every employee has that self control though and not everyone's significant other is as reasonable as mine.

    If you can minimize interruptions on the job though you're improving the quality of your labor pool. If your labor pool already meets your standards you'll never know if they have a phone in their pocket and you'll never care.
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    were 2 man crew both fifty somethings , no radio or cell . well weve got a truck cell but nobody knows the number so they cant call us Thumbs Up and we just use it if we have a break down or important personal business which is extremely rare say less than 10 times per year . but sometimes young guys work with us and every goddamn one of them INSTANTLY starts texting once in truck and rolling to the next job . instead of fighting it we just bug them to use internet on cell and look stuff up for us like nascar odds and weather reports Thumbs Up
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    I think you misunderstood that post
    I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about a mow company
    They were working at one site all day long and it was a decent distance from the shop
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    That’s the ticket
    There’s no reason to require them to show up to the shop

    Imagine a situation where (for example) you’re in a major metro area
    Lots of traffic/spaghetti bowl
    You have work in different municipalities
    35-40 minutes away
    One direction
    Let’s say an industrial park/ mall
    Something big.

    Foreman clocks in at 7:00 grabs the truck and he’s on site at 7:45
    Uses his mobile device to clock crew in at 7:45 on site.
    They work all day and get done at 3:30
    Clocks crew out.

    Guys are free to go.

    Foreman drives back to shop.
    Cleans services and sharpens
    Clocks out at 5:00

    Next day is some other location
    In another direction, say a middle school and high school
    Co located with multiple fields

    Rinse and repeat

    Now let’s say the crew members live more local to the shop than they do the jobs

    They have a choice they can drive to the locations (spending their own gas and time) fight traffic etc,

    Or get to shop early enough to hitch a ride with the foreman
    They ride to the job, clock in like normal
    Work all day
    Clock out like normal
    Ride home
    They don’t have to pay for gas , wear and tear on vehicle or in some cases might night need to own a second vehicle because their wife drops them off at the shop in the morning.

    It’s their choice
    They can show up at the mall of America for work at 7:45 or the shop to get a ride at 6:50
    But they’re getting paid to mow not ride or sit in traffic

    In major metro areas lots of people commute an hour plus to work daily

    If you’re mowing resi for thirty minutes and driving for ten
    You’re on the clock

    Really all depends on routes and circumstances,
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    Sometimes I wonder if you've ever just said "I agree with you" in your entire life.

  6. That Guy Gary

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    I didn't look back but I recall a comment about an employer who made the lead clock everyone out when the last job was done.

    Maybe wrong thread.

    I've worked out of town when it's worth it but I didn't expect compensation for my commute.

    That's the magic word, commute.
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    Those people just post to add post count

    “So true”

    Why post at all?

    I added clarity and breadth of information because I have actual knowledge of it working , legally, like that in multiple situations
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    They paid one way
    To the job
    But not back to the shop
    It wasn’t a route
    They were driving to one single job

    On a real actual local route what’s the difference in clocking out at the last job or the shop?
    8 minutes?
    It’s not normally a very long distance , typically
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    My company's rule is simple, if you let it become a problem, I will solve the problem. I apply this to everything. Be it cell phone usage, dress uniform, physical appearance, equipment abuse, and the list goes on. I have better things to do then worry about you being on your phone for a minute or so, but if I notice productivity going do or anything else, then I will step in and make adjustments. So far my guys have all been good.
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    No it was a route. Everyday didn’t matter if it was maintenance, install, etc They wanted you to clock out the minute we were done

    And yeah sometimes it was 10 minutes back, sometimes it was 2 hours back.

    Like I said I’m sure it’s illegal regardless of what you say. You’re in their truck going back to their shop. Where you had to be by 630 am
    Every morning
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