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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by spin2098, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. spin2098

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    Ok for all you guys who have employees. I know that people miss work and to a point it is ok. What reason does a employee have to miss work legally without begin terminated. I know if they get hurt on the job they can't be fired. But what else is there. The law is so sticky any insight would be great.
  2. SellOut

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    If it's a personal emergency, they can miss.
  3. spin2098

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    Define personal emergency
  4. topsites

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    Here in Virginia, an employer does not need a reason to fire an employee.
    But you get some ppls REAL pissed off, lol.

    Let me put it bluntly:
    MOST caring workers miss ONE or TWO days per YEAR of work and you can take it a little this way and that but we all know who we're talking about: Good ole' Schmoeblow likes to miss at least one day/month but really all the damn time is another day they don't / can't work AGAIN (another way to say it is: excessive absentia - And I believe this may be reason for firing, if you need one).

    Yes, and no matter what you do this person will miss that much work - Institute new rules and this person will find ways to circumvent it while you really only hurt your good employees (ex.: doctor's note). Trust me, I know - Define your emergency, and you guessed it: Schmoeblow will have exactly the emergency you defined. It's a game, I guess they find it a challenge, I do not know but I wouldn't put up with that pita.

    There is another way to get rid of someone: Gradually cut their hours - Give them a few less hours every week, right now is a very good time - July + August are the slowest time of year and you have all your work covered.

    If you can NOT afford to get rid of an employee, then you need more employees, same as when you can't afford to lose a customer.

    That is, if this is your problem. If is not, sry.
  5. qualitylandscaping

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    personal or family emergency only.. Other than that you are floating down crap creek with a pink slip and are joining the unemployment train at the Labor Dept. office.. ;)
  6. 2manymowers

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    A local plumber one time showed up without a long time emplyee. I asked where he was and the plumber told me the employee was permanatly laid off for non-productivity. Notice he did not used the word "fired".

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