Employees mower always has major nicks on blades

williams lcm

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orlando fl
I let me worker use my backup machine. Every time I go to change the blades it's all nicked up. What the hell.is he hitting? Pisses me off. I tell him don't hit anything and he says ok everytime. How do I address this issue?


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Large branches? Scalping and hitting rocks in the ground? I see those big nicks too. Small stumps?


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Memphis TN
Agree get used to it. After I started hiring help many moons ago this stuff would absolutely tick me off. Of course I'd ask and "wasn't me boss man" LOL. I once changed a blade that had a quarter size hole worn in the middle of the end of the blade. Obviously hit concrete or the like and it sat there for a while before moving again. I change blades weekly. Now I just take it more as well that's just having employees because they will never treat your equipment as if it was their equipment.


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I see people who mow for years and still can't comprehend reading the terrain and contours to avoid scalping and hitting objects, thus damaging blades.

Reality is what lasts you 5 years will last MAYBE 5 weeks in the hands of an employee. Example; a trimmer spool will last me years, last time I had an employee he went through a spool in less than a week.

BTW, I work solo these days.

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