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Employees showing up on time?


LawnSite Member
arlington, TX
I have had the same 2 guys for the last 3 years. They are pretty much both great workers, except they almost never come on time. They are constantly 3-6 minutes late. I am not trying to be an azz, but when I say 6:00AM, than means you get to the office at 5:55 and be in the truck by 6:00. What do you guys go through, or is this just the norm for this industry. Whenever I worked somewhere, I was always early, and same for most peole I know because they dont want to get fired. And they expect to be paid when they show up, not when they are ready???


LawnSite Bronze Member
Long Island, NY
Employees used to piss me off! Maybe you can tell them to be there a few minutes earlier than you really need them or just accept they'll always be a few minutes late for your own sanity. Or use a time clock?

Hard Worker

LawnSite Member
East Tennessee
Its a different culture than it used to be. I'm not saying that its right, but some folks just do not care. If they are good workers once they arrive maybe its worth keeping them??? Pick your battles. You never know you may be trading them for someone worse!!

But all in all it is a shame that people do not show enough respect to come in on time. I hope you find the right solution for your business.


LawnSite Fanatic
st pete, FL
If 3-6 min late is your complaint, dont complain. Im the same way, they are a few min late every day, but do great work, so I deal with it. Read some stories on here and then relax and let it go. I agree it isnt the way it should be, but save your energy for bigger battles.


LawnSite Silver Member
One of our Employees can be 3-5 min late 2-3 days a week. I don't say a word because he will work 7 days a week from daylite to dark if needed. He has been with us for 2 years and does great work. It just gives me a little extra time for another cup of coffee. :)

Randy Scott

LawnSite Bronze Member
henri4207 said:
I am not trying to be an azz, but when I say 6:00AM, than means you get to the office at 5:55 and be in the truck by 6:00. QUOTE]

So that means their start time is actually5:55, not 6:00. If I was supposed to start at 6:00, I guess I'd be in the truck a few minutes after that start time. Sweating the little things will make you insane.


LawnSite Member
newington ct
I wouldnt get upset over 3-6 mins . 20-30 can make you nutty .If they are hard workers and treat you machines ok dont make yourself crazy over a few mins .

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
30 mins late does not even bother me I cannot complain about something I will not do either. All that matters to me is I the truck and trailers are loaded before I even roll out of bed. Seldom do I make it out side before 8:30am, which is why I am self-employed because anal freaks about start time drove me nuts talk about issues. So I do not have a firm start time but I also have not firm stop time, which is where I differ from most of the guys who cry of a 6 mins in the morning. 4-5pm and those guys are normally heading home not us we work to dark on our cutting days which in the summer can be 9pm so I never felt a need to sweat the start time since we do more in a day then fixed schedule guys do anyway.


LawnSite Bronze Member
If it really bothers you that they are late, consider this. One of my fellow friends in the landscape business has his start time at 7:30. If an employee shows up even one minute late, they are not allowed to punch in untill 8:00, thus working a half hour for free. It is my understanding that he has been doing it this way for years.