Employees Suck.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LedgedaleLawn, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. LedgedaleLawn

    LedgedaleLawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Either there not reliable, don't give a crap about equipment, have no common sense or are just plain stupid. They are the biggest downfall of a small business, any business for that matter.
  2. qwaller

    qwaller LawnSite Member
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    That's the reason why when a good one is found, steal him/her from your competition. No seriously, treat them like gold when a great employee comes along.

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    Don't you mean all of the above?:walking:
  4. lawnspecialties

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    I had two guys last year part-time. I let one go in October and the other in November. This year, I'm back to solo with my 14 yr. old son helping on certain days with certain commercial accounts. It's so much better this way. I even let a couple of "time consuming" accounts go this season to cut back on my workload. Amazing how I'm making more money like this with fewer accounts.

    It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep.
  5. bigtex

    bigtex LawnSite Member
    from ma
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    i went the same route, went back to workin solo after years of babysittin. i stopped tryin to be a big business man-got rid of the big stuff, work mostly by my self doing small residential four days a week and can still make a grand a week without 3/4 of the headaches.
  6. F3Nelson

    F3Nelson LawnSite Member
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    You are preaching to the choir, back in my prime I had 10-15 employees, 5-6 trucks and more headache than I ever cared for!! So I left, literally just walked away!


    I am gonna stay small enough for one guy from now on, I am forced to get back in the business, but a little excited.

    I just wanna start making that grand a week...........SOON

    How many accounts have you got BigTex?
  7. merrimacmill

    merrimacmill LawnSite Senior Member
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    I just hired our first guy the a couple weeks ago. Hes been great so far. Only problem is that he knows we're starting to get ready to hire a second guy and he keeps telling me we should hire a buddy of his. Obvestuly I WON'T do this because before you know it, they'll be lazing around on the job, on their cell phones, and everything like that. Everything will just be way to relaxed if we have two bestfriends working together. And I can't be there all the time. I just don't want to create any bad feelings by me not even considering his friend. Thats something I'll have to fuiger out.
  8. bill8379

    bill8379 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Stick with your gut feeling about that and DO NOT hire his buddy. (wish I was as smart as you but I have to learn the hard way:hammerhead::laugh: Not only do they slack off together but they miss work together.)
  9. DBL

    DBL LawnSite Silver Member
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    yeah youll never find perfect employees but for the most part a growing company will need employees. we have 7 full time in addition to me and my brother and they all have little issues but together they compliment eachother
  10. bigtex

    bigtex LawnSite Member
    from ma
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    How many accounts have you got BigTex?[/QUOTE]

    i'll cut 8 or 9 lawns each day three days a week @ 30.00-$35 per then always have something misc. to do on fourth day. almost all of them are biweek cuts so i have around 45 lawns total which works out good cause there's more houses for more misc work while always havin the cuts.

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