Employees that second guess you and complain

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Master of the Lawn, Mar 9, 2004.

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    I was out today bagging oak leaves, and cutting some grass,when my helper of 1 year starts whining about having to cut grass that really doesnt need to be cut. There were some leaves,but not bad. This customer wants me there every week come rain or shine. He says that iam stealing money from these people and that its stupid on my part for "wasting my time " on this yard. In responce i pointed to my new truck and asked, who's name is that on that truck yours or mine, and who signs your paycheck? If you dont like it walk i dont need you second guessing me about how i run my ship. Well that shut him up for the rest of the day. He's also good about whining whenever i do bush trimming, or extra work, " iam doing more work than needs to be done" you have to be on him all the time, i dont even know why i still have him, guess i dont want to have to train another man. Just would like some of your experiances . ;)
  2. draftlawncare

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    show him the door you dont need to put up with that , plenty of good workers out there looking for work
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    Wow, that sounds just like my former boss! The guy that drove me into business for myself! Except our roles were reversed... I thought there was more money to be made on each customer, and all he wanted to do was cut and go... Leaving trees untrimmed, shrubs misshaped, ect... I couldn't stand working for him... so now I don't. I would shape him up or ship him out.
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    Tomorrow when he get's in, sit him down with a written warning explaining that that is not to happen again and anything else you don't like about his work habits, the next time he'll just be terminated. then have him sign it, and you keep it on file.

    Keep in mind if he's talking like that to you, How efficient of a worker is he? Fire him before he messes up again. But not for Back Talking, for being in efficient.
  5. terracare

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    If you've already tried to work this problem out, I would cut him a check for whatever I owed him and showed him the door out. If you really want to get out of this kind of problem in the future, I might suggest that you hire an employee that is non english speaking, if you know what I mean ;)

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    I had an employee last year that didnt like our methods on how we clean up shrub trimmings. We listened to how he used to do it . He worked for a lawn care co. for a couple of years before we hired him. Anyway, We told him this was the way we found to be the fastest and told him to just do as he was instructed. He still thought we were wrong but he did as he was told.
    Then we have had employees that we had to retrain on the fastest way to use a string trimmer. Thats why we prefer to hire people who have not worked for other LCOs.
  7. Avery

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    That is one of the few things I will not tolerate. He would be gone...like yesterday. Fire one or two bad apples and it will get everyone's attention.
  8. olderthandirt

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    castation get there attention also and they have no reason to go home then:D

  9. bastalker

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    Ditto.......cya later!!!!!!!!!
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I have some bad news for you once they go bad they never go back I have lost many a good prospect to attitude problems. If you have their respect you can try to work with them. Where I use to work the hatred for my ex boss among some of my workers knew no bounds. But with me I still could control them so it worked for me in that situation. But if it is you they are showing know respect too you have to cut them loose. And I did just that this spring 3 year employee in the trade and I don't know where his attitude came from or his habits but he became lazy was always on his cell phone he would constantly question orders and try to find and easier way. And when he would find one while it was easier for him the company as a whole now suffered because tasks were not completed in time to start the next ones so it saved him time but cost me time. I hired the kid last spring and after 6 weeks of cutting lawns with him and hearing every excuse why our times sucked it became clear it was him. And he was told good bye and sure enough I made my business partner with 0 experience come out with me and day one we did 22 lawns up from 20 which had been done with 3 guys not 2 so much for the employees better way to do things.

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