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    i need help
    i need employees and i need them fast. im in nj i just started up last year it was slow i handled it myself. now i am way overbooked, overwhelmed and in deep sh-t. where do i find quick laborers? in nj
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    Hi gm lawn,

    Could you use a temp agency?
  3. PTP

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    A temp agency would work. Around here you can add 50% to the salary for them. If you pay the worker $8 then you pay the temp agency another $4. I think it is kind of pricey but it is a good short term solution.

    It might not be easy to find good workers. I have hired 3 guys in the last couple of days and not one of them has shown up to work. 1 guy had the courtesy to call first. So, it can be difficult but the end is worth it. You may have to go through a couple first but once you find a keeper, you will be glad that you spent the effort. I know that I am.

    If you advertise in the paper, put the wages in that you are willing to pay. 2 ads on seperate occasions have grossed 90 or so calls. There has to be a good employee or two in that bunch. You just have to find them.
  4. Eho

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    if you live near a college post an employment opportunity on the school campus...maybe you ll find a good college worker.

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    I was just discussing this very topic tonight with another member in my area. I'm having a hard time finding competent help myself. At this point, I'd even settle for slightly incompetent help, so long as they have the ability to start all the equipment within 5 minutes of their first attempt.

    At least with a temp agency, you have the opportunity to "try out" a worker without any commitment- they assume its a short-term gig, so if you don't like them, you don't have to deal with them again. Most of the temps I've dealt with in the past weren't that great, but you'd find someone good every once in a while.
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    Where is NJ u from.... Im from burlington and I got people asking for work coming from everywhere. Most of them have some experience also

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