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    Does anyone have written rules as a sort of an employee manual. Also how do you figure your guys time, from time they get in truck until they get out at days end, how do you figure lunch when you aren't with them.

    any advice about employees will be helpful. So far i have worked just friends and i feel that they are trying to take the best of my generosity.
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    Back in the 80's I worked for my parents. My dad was very good with keeping all 8 of us in his head. He then wrote it down on paper. Rules, well his rules were "DONT **** WITH ME" Yeah that worked seriously. He then bought a manual time clock machine which was alot easier on him and us. Now a days he pays per day and uses a 1099? for taxes. Hes into propane business now.
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    I keep log books and they get paid from the time they enter the truck to the time they leave. I sign off on it everyday and they get a copy with their paycheck to verify my hours. It seams to work out good. When they meet me at the job site it starts from the time they get to the job site until the time they leave the job site.
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    As far as lunch we figure a 30 minute lunch everyday for calculations. Most of the time I am the reason why we are late getting back. Sometimes we are early getting back...it works out.
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    Computerized Time clock program at the shop on one of the office computers. Each employee is assigned a dedicated password and employee ID number for use of this program. They punch in before entering a truck for the day and out upon return for the day. Straight 30 minutes deducted each day for lunch. The travelling crews have a manual sign in log for each day they are gone overnight. The crew formen on each crew is responsible for making sure the 30 minute lunches and the travel crew manual log are not abused. Of course because of that trust on my part loyality to the company and me is a big part of making forman. They also for the most part never know when I will show up to check on them or work with them.

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