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    In various posts I have noticed people <br>mention that they have a hard time getting<br>decent staff and that they have to import<br>employees from Mexico,ect.Why? I saw on the <br>news here that there was still a lot of<br>jobless people in the U.S. Is it that people<br>don't want to work?In Australia we have<br>about 8.5% unemployment within a population<br>of approx.20 million.And I still have <br>problems getting decent staff here.I get a<br>lot of people who ring me for work just so<br>they can tell the Dept.of Social Security<br>they have been looking for work so they can<br>keep getting the dole.Nothing but lazy bums.<br>Just curious if you had the same problem <br>over there.
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    Here in South carolina, we have a 2% unemployment rate. Most everyone who is able to work and wants to work has a job. some who are not working may have crimminal records that can disqualify them or are disabled or are just plain lazy or are in transition between jobs. I guess if you have a large enough lawn service company and you might be able to compete with the wage and benefits of other types of companies. And get that transitional person who wants to work outside. Transitional, meaning persons who have been layed off or just wants a change.
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    One reason it is so hard to keep employees is becuase of the seasonal nature of the work. It seems to me also that the tallent pool where I have to fish seems really shallow. Not that lawn care is rocket science by any means, but some of the people I have to choose from can't even handle simple tasks. Just my opinion, if you get an employee that does good work and is reliable, try to pay them enough to keep them around.<p>Do any companies out there require drug srcreening? I was wondering about legality and cost of this.
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    ah keep it simple. Jest me an mah mower.<p>----------<br>Cletus<br>mow-4-money

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