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    GrassMasters,<br>Not all Hispanic workers are out to get you. As a matter of fact there is one type of Hispanic worker that absolutely can't--imported Hispanic workers. They are here, then they are gone. Sounds like the kind of Hispanic workers you speak of are the Hispanic-Americans. There you might have some competition.<br>As for Americans being lazy. No, I don't think Americans are lazy. On the other hand, Americans, not all but many, seem to have a work ethic that is less than stellar.<p>Elisama
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    GrassMaster Wrote Quote:<br>&gt;&gt;Yes Hispanics are hard workers, but you need to remember a few things. You are helping them save money, to compete against you.<p>Yes, the others do it too, if they decide to compete against you not just the Hispanics. Please don't get me wrong?&lt;&lt;<p>Maybe I should have worded it a little better & maybe you should have re-read it a little better, before making your post!!!!!<p>I thought it was good enough, after reading this post several more times, I don't see anything wrong with the post I made?<p>Elisama Wrote Quote:<br>&gt;&gt;On the other hand, Americans, not all but many, seem to have a work ethic that is less than stellar.&lt;&lt;<p>I said nothing bad about the Hispanics or cut them down. On the other hand, I'm reading your post & looks like the Americans got cut down pretty bad?????<p>I only speak of only true life experiences that I only have lived & I've had a more than stellar life!!!!!<p>These guys were over here as you say imported Hispanic Workers for a couple of years & now there is at least 15 or more now. Some are now Americans, but at what cost to other Pros in the Green Industry? <p>I'm seeing these Pros loosing HUGE accounts every year. It's not fair to them, because they worked hard to build up the Green Industry to what it is now!<p>If you read other post I have placed in this forum, I have said how hard working & honest the Hispanics are. <p>Not once have I said anything derogatory against any of them & the people in the Green Industry have already let us Americans know very well as you said that &quot;many, seem to have a work ethic that is less than stellar.&quot;<p>I still will not say anything negative at all about the Hispanic Worker. <p>I'm just sick & tired of people that stand to profit off of this, trying to convince others, &quot;That us Americans are Lazy&quot;, I for one don't buy it? I never will & anyone that does, well there is a place for them in the unemployment line?<p>I'm sorry that I'm Pro American, I'm Indian American & I stick up for my own. My last name is Fiveash, before WWII it was 5-ash, Uncle Sam said it had to be spelled out, with no numbers. <p>Yep, you guessed it, we were named after 5 Ash trees. We lived 7 miles from Johnny Twelveoaks too!<p>I own land this very day that the President Granted My Ancestors for fighting in the Civil War.<p>All American & Proud of it!!!!!<p>The Indians were here first & they didn't ask anybody to come over here at all!!!! That's a Fact Jack!!!!!<p><br> <p><p><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home: www.lawnservicing.com<br>My Start Up Page www.lawnservicing.com/startup/<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: GrassMaster
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    I guess I less than wholeheartedly embrace your point of view because of the generalizations you are making. First, there is a difference between native born Hispanics, legal residents, non-legal residents, and imported labor (those brought under the auspices of the Justice Department) who are considered to be non-immigrant labor. Native born Hispanics carry the US Constitution in their hip pockets just like any other American. In other words they may be of Hispanic descent, but at the end of the day they are Americans. Legal residents are very ambitious and business minded. Historically, they tend to be very conservative politically, and would probably agree with you about other Hispanics. Undocumented Hispanics are not a threat to anyone, because they are usually too scared about being found out by the INS. These individuals come here to work, and 9 times out of 10 send their money back home to feed their families. Then there are the imported, non-immigrant laborers. These too are not a threat because they come here with permission of the INS to work for the employer who requested them, and for the time the employer specifies.<p>Now, about the work ethic. I don't deny that many, if not most, Americans are hard working individuals. My husband is one of these. Yet, many also have a questionable work ethic. I think its about what we've become used to. We are a high tech society that for the past 50 years has come to rely more and more on technological advances to help us live. This creates a certain mind-set. &quot;There's got to be an easier way of making a living.&quot; or, &quot;They don't pay me enough to do this.&quot; Think of it the Green industry is based on the concept that people would rather pay someone else to do their lawn than do it themselves.<br>I don't doubt that you are a hard worker, but as the years go by there are less and less people like you. When I said that many Americans have a less than stellar work ethic I was not speaking ill of the US or its people. As a veteran (1st Infantry Division Mechanized-Ft.Riley, Ks) I can tell you that there is no other country that I know of which has been blessed the way we have. But part of what this country stands for is opportunity. &quot;All men are created equal.&quot; I served this country 6 years believing this, and I still do.<br>I'm sure your intention is not to make derrogatory remarks about anyone,so I take no umbrage to that, nor should anyone. I respect your indigenous heritage, and you have reason to be proud. I know I'm proud of mine. Trahumara Indians of northern Mexico. But it is not about who came here first. It is about where we are today. We live live in a world with a global economy. Why not a global workforce?<p>Elisama<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: WorkForce Intl
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    America has the most productive work force in the world. Many times greater productivity than any country in the world. A trillion+ economy.But when you get around 4% unemployment. The good intelligent hardworking people either own their own company. Or are looking for careers that challenge their minds and offer advancements and benefits and better working conditions than most lawn services can't offer them. Take BMW for example. They start you off at 39,000$. Let you drive a brand new BMW home. Have a gym you can work out in etc. And they are hiring! I treated my employees well and paid them good. But I had similiar problems as the above. I could do the jobs faster and better working alone. With alot less damage to the lawn and equipment. I gave up on the employee idea awhile back. I may have to work harder. But I am much happier I don't have to deal with them. Now they are some good workers out the still but its like finding a diamond in the rough and just as hard to hang onto. Its not just the lawn services having this problem. Its the fast food, swimming pool co, tree services etc.
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    This some how turned into a race debate.<p>If someone is working for you they are &quot;Americans&quot; they live in the United States, except for the Canadians amongst us. Or they are resident aliens.<p>As for each race. There are low ambition and high ambition folks in every race. Lets just call everyone &quot;people&quot;, and trash the human race.<p>I dont hire Cro-Magnon or Neanderthals, and those Australopiceans, get real:)
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    Austalopiceans?? :)<br>I think you've just got to accept that no-one<br>works as hard as the boss,and allow for that.<p>Karl<p>
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    Karl,<br>Australopithecus afarensis was the &quot;Lucy&quot; uncovered by Leakey in Africa. Believed to be the first bipedal human form.<p>What is little known however, Lucy was found next to a 2 million year old MTD. Was this the beginning?<p>Australians, now they are far more evolved, trustworthy and ethical.
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    This is not about race, because Hispanics are considered Caucasians (aka White). This is about cultures. Understanding the culture of those that work for you, and for whom you work makes sense. I would bet that many &quot;labor&quot; problems can be solved if more emphasis is placed on understanding the cultural reality of your labor pool, and giving them insight into yours.<br>There is nothing wrong with looking at differences, if the goal is to understand those differences. For a long time we considered ourselves a melting pot of cultures....well, that was never true. We need to appreciate our differences, but we will never get to there if we can't hold open, adult, nonperjorative conversations about what makes each culture unique.<p>Elisama <p>Elisama

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