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    Right now I am running my business myself (I am a 1 man crew) but I wanted to know if I could make more money by having people work for me? and I would (just supervise them)...sound lazy I know lol... And if so when should I consider hiring people? How much should I pay them? What type of people should I higher? Should I have a company manual on policy's and procedures? If so what kinds of details should be included?
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    Hiring employees will allow your business to expand. I wouldn't consider having employees as giving you time off - rather, you'll wind up working longer and harder hours. Maybe doing slightly different things. But if you don't stay on top of their work your reputation will suffer.

    Hire one guy to work with you on your crew until you have the crew foreman postion down pat and you can train someone to take over for you. This may take you a couple of years before you customer base and your knowledge are ready for the step.

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