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    How do you guys go about finding your employees. I want to hire one for next year, he is just going to be doing weedeating and mulching with me. I was wondering on what all you have to do so this is legal. I haven't really looked into all that much, but I am planning on starting really soon once everything slows down. I want to know what is a good method of finding one and rate of pay also. Eventually I would like to grow and if I can find the right guy, I think it be great to have him be a crew leader eventually. But, on the other hand I do know how hard it is to find a good worker for this type of job and pay. Now I was also considering how do mexicans do with this. I am not racist at all, but it is common that you do see alot of immigrants doing this work. And I wanted to know if it is just because they are cheaper. Or do they do better quality job for same price, or is it a combination of both.
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    Its lack of opportunities in their own countries that makes then so happy to work here for our pay rates. My step dad has a farm and they plant 10 million or so flowers every winter in the green houses he uses polish workers from Poland. He pays them 10 an hour and they go nutts for it half his workers are professionals Doctors and School Teachers and the reason they are here is in Poland a doctor makes 30 dollars a week. You get the idea now they work 2 months here and make more then a yearÂ’s wages where they are from. Course it helps he can speak polish.
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    Try a community college for a part/full timer that wants to take turf classes at night. Lots of students looking for part time jobs better than McDonalds or such. A turf student might be a little over zealous though wanting to try all the stuff they learned in class or so forth and may be unreliable at mid-terms and finals. If all my classes had been nights this year I was considering doing it myself.

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