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    I am planning on hiring employees next year. I do alot of sod work and have to have more than one person there to do the work. This year I have hired people on the side and such. Next year I want to do it in a more legit way, but I am so small I don't know how to go about it. Is there a way to keep freinds on a payroll and be legit? Or does this just add the costs up having 10 to 12 people on a payroll? Costs such as workmans comp and such. Anyhelp would be appreciated. I posted this in elements of business and got no response. I have a lot to learn about running a business, and I am learning a little at a time.
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    Of coarse you can have freinds on your payroll, but often times that will end a freindship. If they are good workers and do what you want them to do I guess its fine. I hire people from my help wanted adds and signs, if they work out great if not latter. A lot dont. The things you will need (if you dont already have them) are workmans comp insurance, Liability insurance and a good accountant for tax figures and a good payroll service. I made one guy a lead person and the others general workers. Good luck, youll need it.
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    I do not need full-time employees that is why I want to use friends and people who need extra money on the side. I want to know is their any problems associated with having 10 people on the payroll and only paying them about $1000 a year? Then whenever I need workers I can send an email out to the group and whoever wants to work, works? I just don't have enough work to have full-time helpers, but when I need help, I need 3 to 5 people at a time.
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    make sure you have insurance or you will pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not have your employees have the right to get the hosp. sevice they might need!!! We have to pay it and so should everyone else !!!!!!!!! :angry:
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    How often do you need them all? Labor Force or similar labor service could work for special jobs. Just need guys that have done the work before. Wouldn't hire friends, biz is biz and your boss to employee conversations may not give back what you expect. Nice you want to help people that need $ but so do you. They might expect higher wages, more slack time etc.
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    When did I say I did not have insurance? I have 1 million general liability and I have a business liscense. I do not need workmans comp as I do not have any fulltime employees yet. I am just trying to find out how to run a profitable business, I am not trying to cheat the system.
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    I have though about labor services, which may be what I need to use. I am just looking at all my options. My experience with hiring friends has been that they are knowledgeable and hard workers. I only hire friends and people I know that I can depend on. Slack time has yet to be a problem since I pay per day, instead of per hour. I pay very good wages as most of the people I use have full time jobs that they could make more at.

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