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Discussion in 'Employment' started by elite lawns, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. elite lawns

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    Do any of you guys do something nice for your guys this is my second year having full time guys so i thought i would take them and there girlfriend out for a steak dinner and gave them a week paid i only have two guys. what things do ya'll do for your workers so i can get some new things to do for the years to come thanks
  2. NC Greenscaper

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    I take my employees out for lunch on Fridays when time permits. I pick up the check. I also tell my employees, "I appreciate the good Job". The steak dinner sounds good. If you do the week paid then you should have that documented in the employee agreement. So that it can be given to all your employees fairly. JMO
  3. Roger TheShrubber

    Roger TheShrubber LawnSite Member
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    I probably go above and beyond, but I treat my guys as though they are gold. I take them on a week-long retreat. We fish, swim, ride ATVs, eat well, and have lots of fun. We also have some team building games during the week. We call that week the Toonk Retreat. My guys are called Toonks - but that's another story (one syllable word - easy to pronounce lol).

    I provide the Toonk Retreat during the slow time in July instead of a Christmas Party. I also treat them to lunch quite often.
  4. rossc_83

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    Man, I wish I worked for you guys. The only appreciation I've gotten for hard work this year was laid off 3 different times without notice. My old boss treated us well though.
  5. Roger TheShrubber

    Roger TheShrubber LawnSite Member
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    I learned from an old boss, the imporance of recognizing and treating employees fairly. He would purchase a new piece of equipment, then expect everyone to work for free because that new piece of equipment was there to benefit the employees and was expensive.

    He would also lay his employees off and then expect them to come in and work for free because he was paying their unemployment.

    Christmas bonus the year I worked there - $5
  6. ericmcj31

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    WOW! Nice bonus:hammerhead::hammerhead: I am sure that helped attribute to employee loyalty. I buy my guys a new shovel every now and then-haha; no seriously-it comes out of their pay. j/k
  7. JoyofFluidFilm

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    wow, employee appreciation sounds cool!
    It would be nice to have company parties ... and bonuses... do companies still give out Christmas bonus'???
  8. br549oicu8

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    I do a Christmas outing for all the guys that includes dinner, a comedy show and bonus money or gift certificates.
    The crew leaders get to go with me to Las Vegas the first weekend of December for 3 nights on me. Last year I told the crew members that the best one was coming along. That made for good competition, but as it ended up, there was only one that was here all year. He is sooooo excited!! Never been to Vegas and one of my new crew leaders has never flown before!
    This should be quite an experience for all!!
    See ya'all in Louisville!!
  9. Green Team Landscaping

    Green Team Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
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    This is an idea fore the teenagers here...My friends brother took all of his employees to prom in a limo.
  10. Superior L & L

    Superior L & L LawnSite Senior Member
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    Every year we have a chrismas party for anyone that lasted till the end of the season. Food, open bar and prizes. We just pull names from a hat. Last year we did A flat screen Tv, pistons tickets(good seats), gift cards, money etc.

    You would be supprised how much 20 or so workers with there wifes/girlfriends can drink and eat

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