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    I've been operating a 1 person (me) operation for a few years mowing yards. Next season I'm planning on expanding (hiring a supervisor & worker). I don't want to get in trouble with the IRS or other gov't agencies. I think that I need liability insurance and the guys need to be covered by workers comp? right? but else do I need? and what will it cost to pay taxes? or do I need to pay payroll taxes? How much do you pay a crew per yard (say average 5,000 sq ft)?

    I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm trying to plan in advance and stay out of trouble. I figure the folks on this site have more experince than me so I'm ready to learn.

    Thanks in advance

  2. MasonGrey

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    DowntoEarth, I am in the same position as you and have many of the same questions. I know the people here will give you loads of good advice. My first suggestion would be to talk to an accountant who is familiar with the tax laws within your state. Taxes and accounting are not a strong point for me and a service I am more than willing to pay the pro's for. Good luck. I hope next year will be good to you.
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    Hello Downtoearth, my wife does book keeping and knows all the employee laws. If you need a book keeper and someone to do your quarterly taxes I'm sure she would be willing to help you. We both work in Keller (Keller Feed Store) She does all the book keeping for all of their stores. If interested e-mail me.

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    DTE, what other areas do you run in??? Also have you had any luck on your questions?
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    talk to an accountant first...but make sure that you are registered for workers comp, state, fed, and unemployment. Also when you hire on individuals you have to send in forms to state/federal/and sometimes local.

    I would highly suggest talking to an accountant though. One more important thing to remember, make copies of everything
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    You will need if they are not citizens I9 forms. They will need to provide for you a Social Security card, a valid one. A card from INS indicated they can work. Photo copy both.

    You will need Wokers Compensation Insurance. Disability Insurance and Unempoyment Insurance.

    You will also deduct from their salaries Social Security ( employer matches the deduction ) Federal Income Tax and State Income tax.

    Do acquire an accountant as suggested.


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