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    Do you really think that the princples talked about in this book can work in this profesion? If it has worked for you let me hear how you did it and if it still is working.

    I am always trying to improve myself and found this book and rich dad poor dad interesting but hard to acomplish in this line of work. Lets keep it to mowing/landscape maintenance.
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    The book is just an advertising tool. Michael gives away just enough to get you excited but not enough to really put the practices to work. I used an e myth coach for a couple of years, very expensive but worth it to me.

    Use the search feature and you will find I have talked about it a lot over the years. I will caution you that it is a lot of work and you have to be all in. Your whole team has to be on board all the time. It is very difficult but it can make the difference between owning a job and a business.

    The great part is it works for any business so you are not just limited to what you are doing now. Be prepared to spend about 500 per month and spend about 2-3 hours per week on the homework. Then if you want to implement it into your business that will take more time.

    I worked for two consecutive years 9 months of the year with the coach then stopped. I have since spent the last three years designing and implementing systems. I didn't even get through the whole program.
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    I'll infiltrate your business by starting as a new-hire on the lowest rung crappiest job you have on the payroll. I'll start down in the trenches and turn your business inside out, picking it apart from the inside out. I'll document what's wrong in the field and how to fix it. Then I'll move on up the ladder in your business, repeating the process until I get all the way to the top.

    The retainer fee is negotiable (depends on travel / translocation expense)
    The private consultation fee is $100 per hour.
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    I think both Emyth and Rich Dad are great books for this industry. Personally Emyth opened my thinking to take on a more hands off approach that has really benefited my business and my free time.

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