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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Stugots, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Ive been using various open trailers for the past few years and this past winter i decided to sell them before putting to much money into them for repairs. What do you think about enclosed trailers? I like the ideas of equipment stayin inside, cleaner, drier, can keep everything needed right in the trailer. Im sick of hearing oh we didnt have this or that so we came back to pick it up. With-out a dump trailer, not being able to pick up bulk materials mulch, topsoil, rocks might be a pain. I can have friends help me out with their trailers or have materials delivered all the time. The enclosed im looking at is a 8.5x20 for 3 riders. Thanks
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    You are pretty much right. What kind of truck are you going to be pulling this with? The easy way to get around not haveing a dump trialer is to get a dumb truck. Say a F-450 or Dodge 3500 with a dump bed. This will allow you to pull the trialer to the site and then place top soils etc. in the dump. Just an idea.
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    I would go enclosed but then again I dont know how much mulch you plan on installing/trees you plan on trimming etc.

    Off topic but dodge is introducing a cab and chassis version of their 3500 trucks. Also, in november or so of this year they will introduce a 4500 and 5500 series cab and chassis with a 6.7liter cummins and a AISIN 6speed transmission.
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    You really need both, my enclosed is a 6 by 12///single axle, my open is 6 by 16////dual axle....can't live without either of them....Toyota with a V6 pulls them just fine...
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    That thing must have a heavy up front, does the truck sag at all, looks like you got a chevy 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton.
  7. LonniesLawns

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    Yes -- it is tongue heavy -- but my 3/4 ton handle sit well.

    It is an over built -- very strong 14,000# capacity trailer.

    It is not for everyone -- but works bery nice for me who doeas a lot of small to medium landscape renovations. ABle to take all of my needed toolsinthe enclosed box and still hold up to 10 yards of bulk material in the back.
  8. Jusmowin

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    Why not buy a high sided open trailer (4 ft expanded mesh sides)and if you need to cover it just throw a tarp over it.
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  10. LonniesLawns

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    That would also be an option -- jusmowin. It would not be as secure or as weatherproof or as easy to keep organized.

    I would not suggest this setup for a mowing operation. Instead -- better suited for small softscape installations.

    door open small.jpg

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