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Enclosed or Open Trailer


LawnSite Member
North Central WI
What does everyone use, enclosed or open trailers? Pros and cons? Pics would be great too.


LawnSite Silver Member

when it rains, yeah all gets wet, dirty, etc, stuff falls off, lost, stolen for some...
Nice, your "outdoors" all day while loading/unloading the trailer.... nice breeze when its windy ;)


Rain... .nada problem anymore, just lock the door and your ready for dinner time :), gets hot especially if you have a couple guys using 2-3 machines. One machine alone will make the thing heat up pretty hot in the summer months.. My one ztr will make the inside 90+ when its only 75deg out, vent on top doesnt help much since i dont have auxillary vents ... yet.

If something comes dislodged, not secured, you really have no idea till you open the door.. like your ztr you forgot to put the ebrake on and didnt strap down so it hit your rear door :hammerhead: , stuff like that

Enclosed are harder to pull, no matter which vehicle pulling, just wind resistence... much lower mpg.. I see 10-11mpg with my 06 F350 Diesel with the 24' enclosed weighing about 6k, yet i can see 15+ pulling a 4k pop up camper or 16mpg+ with an open landscape trailer at 3k+

Enclosed is hard to see around at all times compared to open. Enclosed you have tons of options of what you want to put in it, open, you need racks, boxes, still not as many spaces to add equipment.


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Ramair covered most of it but I will add that you can have material, mulch/dirt/rock, loaded easier in an open trailer and your equipment is more easily accessed also. I started with an enclosed trailer and the secure storage was nice. I now have an open and just park it in the garage when I'm done. The visibility when backing onto the street from a drive is much better too.


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tampa, fl
1 of each. Unless you have no need for hauling mulch, dirt, rocks, sod, debris, etc....then I would just get an enclosed.