Enclosed or open trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MikeKle, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. baseball man

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    I know of a place here in Mississippi where you can get a brand new 2010 pace brand V-nose enclosed trailer for around $2600 brand spanking new. Ramp door and side door roof vent also. I am considering one after about 10 yrs. in business. I looked at them on Friday. The place is Aerial trucks and trailers in olive branch, ms
  2. supercuts

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    for what a 5x10'?
  3. baseball man

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    no, 6x12. i looked at one last Friday there and i think i'm going to buy one. it is a pace.

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    if you end up with an enclosed trailer consider adding a fuel door. They're about $70 and pretty easy to mount.

    The enclosed I have came with windows where the bottom third slides open. One on each side, which works perfectly as a fuel door.

    Fuel Door.JPG
  5. blk90s13

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    this dealer is on some good stuff

    he wants $4700 for a beat up used 1999 7x14 :laugh: and he tells me new 7x14 go for close to $7600 :dizzy:
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    No, all tanks must be DOT approved for the fuel it is carrying.
  8. MikeKle

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    I learned my lesson with carrying fuel only in an approved container, I was out mowing and for some reason, I was trying to put a little bit of gas into one of those foam soda cups, to take up the hill? I cant remember why I didnt just take the whole gas can up there, (but Im sure there must have been a good explanation),and the foam cup was the only thing i could find laying around in the truck, anyway, right after I poured around a cup of regular gas into it, the cup started to melt and disintegrated within a minute or so!!! I quickly put the cup down on the trailer floor, and there is still part of the foam cup kinda fused to the wood trailer floor?!! Cant even scrape it off! Now I will only transport fuel in a can.
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    from personal experience, i'll be going to a smaller open trailer this year. why? because after 3 years i'm having a hard time keeping my enclosed trailer together. it's also been converted to a shop, but even then, it'll be replaced by a box truck at some point.

    open trailers are a little better suited for landscaping imho, however, it depends on your situation.

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