enclosed or open trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bettergrass, May 14, 2004.

  1. economiclawncare

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    i have a 6x12 enclosed trailer and i like it b/c of course i dont have to unload and for security purposes. It is not the easiest thing to work out of. we i go to buy another i will go with one that is 7 ft or 8 ft wide so that i can move around my z to get to trimmer and blower also i would get the side door as a ramp instead of the door.
  2. LT01

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    We have a 7x18 enclosed trailer used exclusively as a mowing rig and a 7x16 open trailer that affords us the flexibility to use it for multiple functions (2nd mowing rig, landscaping, etc....). There are truly uses for both if you can afford them. I would have to say if your main focus is mowing and you don't want to purchase both then I would go ahead and INVEST the extra money into your business and buy an enclosed trailer. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  3. Timberland Lawns

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    I've been looking for a good used 7x14 enclosed for a year. They don't last long, around here anyway, and the prices are very close to new. This tells me the resale market is very strong. Considering this, I decided to buy new. I will be keeping my open as my backup and brush/debris hauler. NO MORE WET EQUIPMENT!!!!
  4. ShadyTree

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    You might want to think twice about enclosed. We just bought out another business and they had an enclosed. We bought 2 new 61" Grasshoppers belly mounts and a 48" bobcat hydro. We just hired a new guy to come and work. We stored gas in the trailer and in the morning your supposed to let the thing air out. Well to get to my story, he didnt know and went to start the 48" and the whole trailer blew up. It was like a death trap. Good thing the guy was toward the back. He recieved minor burns butwe lost over 30,000 because of that. Make sure the traler is built well and has plenty of vents. Maybe this story will change some minds.
  5. ksland

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    I always wondered about that. It does get awefully hot inside them too. How much gas was stored inside the trailer? Were the cans sealed up?
  6. ShadyTree

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    well including the gas in the machines and the fuel cell, around a 100 gallons or so. Ya everything was sealed it was just a really hot night and in the morning and they never aired it out before starting the machines.

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