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    I just bought a Enclosed trailer and I need some help finding stuff for the inside of it. I know trimmer trap has trimmer holders but anyone know where I can find blower holders? Anything else for the inside of the trailer would be great aswell. Maybe a website or something carries all these things? Thanks for any info!

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    I've used a lot of the rack'em products. Expensive but have worked well.


    I have there shelf kit for up front, two racks for trimmers/chainsaws, and two racks for backpack blowers...no wait only one the other was some other brand...can't remember what, and we also have three of there gas can racks...two five gallon and one 2.5? gallon.

    For trimmers I used that thing you find at home ripoff to hang them on a wall. Works well with two bungees one in middle one on bottom.

    I built my own shelf for the door to hold cans of wd40, oil, grease, etc.
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    I love using the buyers rack. the hold the trimmers really well. keeps them from bouncing around.
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    How does the rack for the front of the trailer work?
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    I'm glad to see this thread. I too an debating on how to mount some of my things in my trailers. Shovels, gas cans, rakes, etc. I just took two of my trimmer traps out of my trailers because we have to hop over mowers to get to them, kind of a pain. I made a shelf up front to lay them in. Lets see some pics of your guys set-ups.
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    try Etrackstorage.com That's what we use.
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    Basically there are four 'rails' that run on the left and right side of the trailer. Then a mechanism attaches to 'holes' in the rails so you can choose the two heights you want. Then, simply cut the 2x4's to length, lay a pice of ply across and walla, your pretty much done. We did cut the ply to size and rounded it to the contour of the front of the trailer. We also took a piece of 1x10 pine and attached to the front of the shelf so nothing would slide off the shelf.

    I will try and take some pics in the next week, but my trailer has about 20" of snow surrounding it and I don't feel like getting my feet wet.
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    Northerntool.com has them, also lesco.com and landscapersupply.com has them.

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    Thanks for all your help guys... I will keep in touch as I start to buy some of these products.


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