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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LocalTouch, Apr 27, 2003.

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    I have a 48 w/b scag, and a 52 hydro w/b scag, along with a 21 w/b, and the usual 2 cycle equip. What is a decent size enclosed trailer? I was debating on a 6x12 or 6x14. Anyone have either with the same size equip? If you have the 6x12, would you much rather have the 6x14? How about a 7x14. I have a 5x8 open now. Way too small. I got that before I added the 52" this year. Any input would be great! Thanks
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    i'd go with a 6 or 7' by 16 you can never have enogh room. then you can introduce your car and truck to the inside of the garage!
  3. Green Pastures

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    I would recommend getting the biggest trailer you can possibly afford.

    Let me explain. I started off with a 5x8 open and pulled it with my Honda Accord Station Wagon! Soon after I felt I was hauling to much weight for the trailer, and to much weight for the car especially on a trailer without brakes. I was wearing the devil out of the brakes on my car. So I bought the Ford F-250 and a 7'x16' Texas Bragg open trailer. Withing a month or so of that I realized that I had made another mistake in getting another single wheel (no brakes) trailer, as well as running out of room again. The 7'x16' trailer was simply too small, I needed more room.

    I went shopping for big enclosed trailers.

    I went enclosed cuz I was tired of unloading equipment every night when I came home hot, sweaty and tired. Equipment appearence says something about you and your company. Rusty and beat up equipment says you're equipment is old and you don't maintain it very well. I'm sure some here will argue this point but it's a fact nonetheless. High end residential and commercial customers do not want old beat up delapidated equipment and people with holy jeans and shirts on their property. If you want to draw profitible high end customers you have to look a part. You need to keep your valueable equipment out of the weather as much as possible.

    An encolsed trailer is beneficial in both keeping your equipment looking newer longer and keeping it out of reach of vandals and thieves. You have a storage place for your equipment in the off months as well.

    Think about a 6' wide trailer, after you take into consideration the wheel wells you're down to 62" of interior floor width. A 62" deck would eventually get damaged and so would the wheel wells after weeks of driving that mower on and off the trailer on a daily basis.

    You might not ever think you will ever get a 72" deck mower, but you don't know that now, do you.

    My trailer is an 8x20 and there is 80" between the interior wheel wells, and 89" from wall to wall. That is more than enough room to both drive and maneuver a 72" deck without damage on a daily basis. I can put 2 W/B's side by side in that trailer! I can park my Walker or my 52" Z-Master sideways! It makes for very convenient and efficient loading. I have room to hang my hand tools on the walls, park my mowers in the center of the floor and still get in there and walk around when I need a small hand tool. You can build cabinets in there for small hand tools and spray equipment, keep your Snap On tools safely without worrying about rust or theft. The trailer provides some shade for the really hot day's.

    Go BIG, bigger than you think you need. Buy once, not once for this season only to need another new trailer for next season.

    Personally I would not even consider a 5' or a 6' wide trailer. 7' is better but a 7' trailer is only 74" between the wheel wells. That's a tight squeeze for a 72" deck.

    Think about this too, you have 2 W/B's right now, that's what 8-10 feet of floor space in a trailer. Say you buy a ZTR or even another W/B, now you're up to 15 foot of floor space, if you only get a 16' trailer, where are you going to put bags of leaves, grass or mulch?

    It sounds like a big step, but I'm sure others here will agree you can NEVER have to much trailer space.

    MINIMUM I'd go is a 7'x18' tandem with brakes. Even that sounds small to me as I sit here typing it. Go BIGGER.

    This is the measurement between the wheel wells on my 8'x20'

  4. Green Pastures

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    This is the measurement from wall to wall.

  5. Gravely_Man

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    I will start by saying I don't have an enclosed trailer but……What Green Pastures states is the advice that I would give. You will always find more stuff to pack in there but you only have so much room.

  6. Barkleymut

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    With the 16ft you get double axles and hopefully brakes. I just got a 24ft trailer. I'm thinking about putting a sofa and large screen TV in there for my lunch breaks. I've got lots of room, and I like it.
  7. ZX12R

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    Green Pastures,thank you for taking the time explain all that.Very helpful!
  8. ZX12R

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    Almost forgot,what are you doing with a picture of my wife????????????
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    You're putting the cart before the horse. Look at your business plan, decide what you want (or expect) to put in the trailer, then get a trailer that will haul all of what you want, and that your truck will tow.

    If you're not sure if something is big enough, it probably isn't, but I can assure you that you won't be the first landscaper to buy a "too-small" trailer the first time, maybe you could pick up a used one from one of them.
  10. For the first part, that is a myth, and the money you put out to retain that will not be compensated, buy the very few that will look at it that way. The costs outway the bennifits, but I wont stop you from keeping your over way up there. That is also a generalisation, and one persons thoughts, this does not mean it cannot be done that way either. My neighbor runs lousy looking mowers open trailer, t-shirt for uniform, decent looking trucks (well some) and does a hellava lot more biz then Scott does, and I am sure make a whole lot more money too. I also bet he has half the bills and 20 times the equipment.

    Now the Trailer size. Minimum enclosed trailer should be no less than an 8' x 16', do not go with a 7' wide enclosed. There is a lot of wasted unusable space in them, you just cannot use.

    The axels on all 3 widths are all the same, so that does not change. You can also find you an 8.5' 16' would be great, but if you go that width better off with an 18'. You can fit 3 60" ztrs and a 52" Wb in one, plus numerous other tools.

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