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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by clc2003, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. clc2003

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    I currently have a 7x16 enclosed trailer but I have out grown it. I am looking at buying a longer and wider trailer. It will be 8.5 ft wide but not sure on the length. I am thinking 20-24 ft. I want this trailer to double as a car trailer if needed. It would have to have a beavertail built in. I would like this trailer to have enough floorspace to hold a 48" WB and 2 zero turns plus a push mower and small engine equipment in racks. I know bigger is the easy answer but I do have to think about parking and getting around town. I am also looking for suggestions of different brands. I am going with screw less sides so I can wrap it. Pictures would be great if you have some of your trailer fits my criteria.
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  2. clc2003

    clc2003 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ia
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    I see a lot of people in northern va using haulmark trailers. Personally we use all open trailers
  4. clc2003

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    go talk to a trailer dealer,
    you can actually custom order a trailer to your specs,
    mine came from alcom in ME

    you can choose things such as height, width, length, axles, frame, lights, interior finishing, doors and
    location or doors etc....

    took 5-6 weeks to arrive, got what I wanted,
  6. jbturf

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    heres a pic, I went with screwless sides also, and had it wrapped,
    except for the vnose --im still waiting for them to finish that part...

  7. ducnut

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    Tough question, with no budget mentioned.

    If open budget, I'd go Featherlite or ATC. I'm a previous Featherlite owner and there's a huge difference in workmanship, material quality, resale, and ride, compared to others. I've looked at ATC and have a couple friends who own them. They're really nice and are spendy, too.

    If on a budget, Bravo is OK. They're certainly better than Haulmark, Look, Homesteader, Doolittle, Pace, and other junk out there. But, is nowhere near what my Featherlite was. My Bravo is an exact duplicate of the Featherlite I had, except I added brakes. It rides like crap, compared to my Featherlite. If I had to do it over again, I'd finance the Featherlite instead of paying cash for my Bravo. There's that much difference in quality and ride.

    Do you really need it to double as a car trailer? If you "might" need to do that once or twice in the trailer's lifetime, I don't think it's worth it to have to pull around the extra width (8.5'). You lose quite a bit of visibility down the sides, reduce gas mileage, and is more invasive on city streets. Rent a U-Haul car trailer, for those times.

    Do you really need the beavertail? That length (24') of trailer has a really long rear overhang. Flat-floor models drag really bad, as it is.

    I'd do a V-nose, which gains a lot extra floor space (30" on a 7' wide).

    Tightly park all your equipment, nose-to-tail, and measure how much length you really need. There's a huge difference from 20' to 24', as far as maneuverability and tail dragging.

    Get bogey wheels (rear rollers under the tail).

    Go with a 1-piece roof, as it reduces potential leaks.

    Get 10-ply tires, no matter what any dealer says. Period.

    Torsion axles only. Period.

    Get at least 1 spare and mount it inside, to save it from the sun.

    Consider alternative racking solutions. Once I did that, I realized there were better options available for my operation. I love my Fastrap system, as it keeps the mowers exactly where they're strapped.

    You'll probably need a weight distribution hitch. I run an Andersen, even with my size trailer. It makes a huge difference and is infinitely adjustable.

    Look at your height needs. I went with 6', as I don't have standers or any reason for taller. Taller means reduced fuel mileage.

    Featherlite offers a torsion-spring rear door. That means no door cables, which is awesome.

    Be sure to compare material thicknesses. Cheap trailers use thinner and cheaper materials. Park my Bravo next to a Featherlite and one can easily the difference in clarity of reflection off the sides. A Featherlite is so clear you can easily primp yourself in the reflection.

    Paint/coat the interior, before using it. That'll make a huge difference in longevity. I used Revitalize deck coating on the floor and only use exterior oil-base primer and paint on the walls.

    This is my setup. Though not the size you're looking at, it should give you some ideas. I have a custom build, here. It's 6" tube frame, 16" OC crossmembers, 10-ply tires, etc. Most 12' SA trailers aren't built this heavy, as this one is like a big trailer that has been cut down. I've had 3100lbs loaded on it (twice) and EW is ~2000lbs. My regular routine doesn't include the 42", so I'm not loaded heavy.

    The interior loaded up. My 21" is folded down and up the side of the 42".

    The interior empty and before adding more hand tools. That's all Gladiator storage product. I added threaded rod, below the rails, to attach bungee cords to and provide downward tension on the hooks.
  8. ducnut

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    I should've added that you need to avoid any tire that says "Made in China". There's an industry-wide issue with all of them. Maxxis, Bridgestone, and Michelin all make suitable 10-ply tires. I went with Maxxis (made in Thailand) because my friend is a dealer, they're much cheaper than the other two, and they have a stellar reputation among drag racers who load them heavier and pull them faster than I ever will.
  9. GQLL

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    Bravo pace American hallmark are not junk trailer. We're in the landscape business not the racing world where dropping 15k or more on a trailer is a blink of the eye. We have pace trailer high quality durable. I just bought the newest pace this year for 5700 out the door that a 8x18 extended tounge 10k, torsion axle, and adjustable coupler. Featherlites are nice but way to expensive to justify for a mowing crew.
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    I've heard mixed reviews on Pace, but this is the first time I've ever heard of Haulmark refferred to as "junk".
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