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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by clc2003, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Thats one of the nicest trailers I have seen inside and out.

    Agree with the poster who said Haulmark is not looked upon as junk.Around here,they are near,if not top of the line.
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    .3E3-.33Q.jbturf,Nice setup you got there.
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    I used to pull a 7'X14' Pace, for another company. It's an OK trailer; not one I'd recommend, though, if someone asked me.

    And, you mentioned Bravo as not being junk. You do realize that's what I have, right? If you want photographic proof, I'll be glad to point out some obvious QC issues. I'm hoping to take the time to start a picture thread and will put all of it there, if you can wait. Also, if we were standing on a lot talking trailers, I can assure you that you'd pass up mine. But, for what I spent (I didn't want to finance) and the heavier build, it's an OK trailer and will get me by until I get better established. I just wouldn't put my neck out there and recommend it.

    You truly don't know "the racing world". There are a whole lot more guys trying to do it on the cheap than trying to be the big gun. They routinely buy beat up stuff, overload it, and pull it at stupid speeds, trying to get to the track after work on Friday. If they can break it, it will break. I've seen it in the drag and road race worlds and spent a lot of time in paddocks, over the course of 3yrs. Owners aren't afraid to voice their opinion and don't look at their stuff through rose-colored glasses, as BS walks in their world.

    There's another customer, at the dealer I patronize/maintain/hangout at, who bought Featherlites, 6yrs ago. They run 49 states/Canada, average 100K miles per year, and expanded 2yrs ago. They elected to go with Roadmaster trailers for that expansion. They just traded them in on Featherlites. Those trailers are completely shot. The crew critiqued everything on them and noted the ride as being a the most important negative. The original Featherlites are still going. Who wants 1/3 trailer life? The math works out in Featherlite's favor, over the long-term.

    I used to work for a non-industry related company, with ~800 employees. About six hundred of our positions were issued that industry's top-of-the-line equipment. The owner justified it by noting quality, resale, company pride, and production initiatives as reasoning for the expenditure. Those who didn't agree with the company's initiatives always made themselves apparent and were quickly dispensed. Only the best using the best. When you devalue your employees, the performance you get will match.

    Somehow, Haulmark has this esteemed reputation and I think it's because of how many are out there. If we were to use that as an indicator of quality, then, MTD/Yardman/etc would be considered the best mowers available. It has more to do with pricing. There are those companies who compete with pricing and those who compete with quality. Pick one.

    There's a big difference between what average people perceive as being good and what the industry knows. I've seen so many brands parked side-by-side and compared. You'd be amazed at the differences, when a knowledgeable person starts critiquing.

    I'll just mention a few things Featherlite does you just don't see elsewhere. That top cap, around the perimeter, is extruded aluminum, welded into 1-piece which makes it much stronger, and welded to the wall supports and rear corners. It's not just a trim piece that's been riveted up there. The lower aluminum strip you see around the perimeter is structural framework (way thicker than it looks) and welded into the main frame, tongue, and crossmembers. That makes the entire foundation structure much stronger. On other trailers, that's just a trim piece. Featherlite's entire framework ends up being a 1-piece structure. Featherlite's side doors are manufactured using an aluminum frame and sheeted. Others use a foam core (my Bravo) or plywood and sheeted. When comparing other aluminum trailers, take a look at the number and quality of welds. Featherlite is head and shoulders above others I've seen (there's a Bravo Star Aluminum at the dealership now). Wiring is another huge area of substantial differences. There arenumerous brands of box trailers and three different brands of horse trailers sitting there side-by-side. It's alarming how some companies wire a trailer.

    Thank you. As mentioned elsewhere, presentation is very important to me. That and having all types of hand equipment available has gotten me a lot of new clients.

    Guys, I'm not trying to turn this into a pissing match. I just want you to be informed and look at things with a closer eye on details (minus preconceived opinions). You'd do that with a mower, do that with your trailers, too.
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    funny I am about to order a 24x8.5 vnose from Georgia with 5200lb dexter drop leaf axles radial tires for $4340.00 you can add whatever you want thicker aluminum, screwless sides whatever you want, just have to pay a little more.
  5. Getmow

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    I went with a Bendron Titan (made in GA), 18' box with added V nose. I added the hidden dove tail, extra height ( I am 6'4") and a ramp in the v-nose on the driver side. I came from a 16' 2000 Haulmark which was still very servicable but I needed the upgrade. The new Haulmarks are not made as good as they used to be, the company was bought out. Jury is still out on the Titan as this is the first season but I think for the price it will service my needs for the next 10 years.
  6. ZX12R

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    Did you decide to go with that company?

    So you have 18' plus the v nose or does 18' include the v nose?How much extra is the side ramp? Whats the hidden dove tail on an enclosed trailer?You don't mean the flap that folds down on the ramp door,do you? Do you mind sharing how much your trailer cost as I am in the market for something just like yours. PM me if you do not want to say price over net.

  7. cimkill

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    ZX12R, No I did not go with that company, after doing more research they ended up being hurricane cargo which had a bad rating on the bbb. I am now going with U.S.A. Cargo trailers. They have a A+ rating and are $400 more, for a similar trailer.
  8. Raymond S.

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    Gold Rush
    Wild Side

    If you're going to trump them with a superb quality trailer at least give them a good quality trailer 😏. I have spent a lot of time in and around all of these brands and of the ones listed above Featherlite would be close to the bottom for me. They are a "good" upper end trailer but if you're talking "best" trailer...Gold Rush or 5150 don't even compare. I personally own a Sooner all aluminum gooseneck. Diamond plate roof, .050 walls punch riveted on H channel studs mounted 12" OC, (floor, ceiling, and wall studs 12" OC.) the entire trailer is welded aluminum. No seems on the roof to caulk. When you get in a high end trailer the craftsmanship is extreme. It's a $50k trailer though!
    I also have a Frontier enclosed for my fert outfit. I beat it, it's steel, it gets used, pretty sure it leaks a little at the front corner in a hard rain, and I paid $3k for it.
    Both trailers have their place. I don't think many of us are going to spend the money on an upper end trailer to hook to the truck everyday and pull around town. There are extreme cases as you pointed out, however for most it would prove way to costly for a lawn outfit.
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    Horton hauler.... love mine and it now 8 years old and still holding up well. Only thing I have had to do is replace vent since it cracked
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    Thanks,I am going to look in to them also.Looking to make purchase between winter and spring.

    You going with a v nose? Lets say u want an 18" trailer with v nose. About how much more length will the v nose add?

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