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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GCS LawnService, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. GCS LawnService

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    I have looked at several enclosed trailers and I am considering a Horton Hauler that is 16 X 7. The trailer descriptions are as follows: V Nose, 5000 lb. axles with electric brakes on both, 12" center floor supports, heavy duty spring assisted ramp door, 30" side door with a bar lock, electric jack, 4 dome lights, Heavy Duty D Rings, 3/4" plywood covering the interior walls, radial tires with a spare, aluminum load bearing wheels and bearing buddies. The trailer has been priced approximately $4786.00 + TTL. I have looked at several different brands and the Horton Hauler seems to be the heaviest built for the money and any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. PR0 TURF

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    I have never heard of the Horton Hauler...but from what you say it sounds like a decent trailer. I really like the 12" on center floor supports. We are in the process of buying a trailer...i think we are leaning towards the Wells Cargo...and its a 8x24 with 16" on centers. The electric jack sounds really nice also. If you wanna see a top notch trailer setup check out etwman's...thats a real class act!:blob1:
  3. crazygator

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    I have a 7x16 enclosed. Wish it had the V-Nose, but I do not haul a lot on the interstate, so its not a problem. If you do a lot of traveling with it I would think its a must. Reduced drag and better gas mileage.
  4. imalandscper

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    Check this website out i got a price on a 102" x 28 for 7,500 they will custom build for you or you can see what they have available. I had one spect out for next season with a bathroom and a hole lotta other fun stuff for 14 that was 102" x 28' check it out they seem like really nice trailers. I foget the website but the company is mellenium trailers.
  5. mdb landscaping

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    you cant go wrong with a vnose. towing em is so nice when you are above 50 mph or so. i have an 8 by 14 v nose, and i wish had a 16 foot or bigger. the space will fill up quick. the trailer you priced sounds like a good one. good luck with it.
  6. wriken

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    I'm also thinking about a v-nose, a 7x21", that way I could haul my mowers, and work related tools, also haul my quads and snowmobiles, I like the front ramp, the one I looked at was a haulmark and the front ramp was on the road side, wonder if you can get them on the curb side? I priced one at $ 4095.00, plus tax etc. How does that price sound, if you guys know where there cheaper let me know, I love to travel, within reason that is. see ya
  7. IBGreen

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    I've always been kinda partial to Pace trailers. They look like they're built better than most others.
  8. KirbysLawn

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    Never heard of Horton. Haulmark & Wells Cargo are the best around here.
  9. cantoo

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  10. wriken

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    Oh ya forgot about them, I bought a yamaha race sled there years ago, They auction on the first of the month, can't go march 1st theres a race on Drummond Island that weekend, thanks

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