Enclosed trailer/ dump trailer build!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by FerrisDiesel, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. maelawncare

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    Extend the front of the trailer out 5' and make a flatbed on it. Then just put a dump insert in there. Then when you dont need the dump you can have a flatbed. Very useful.
  2. FerrisDiesel

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    Thank you for the compliment! My whole reasoning behind this project was to eliminate the need to buy a dumptruck and have another registration, and insurance, registration etc...having everything self contained and then at the end of the day driving away from it and having my truck freed up was the whole idea.
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    I sure hope you have pro welding equipment and skills. The gooseneck will need to be at least 3/16 and its hard getting consistent penetration. Proper gusseting and bracketing will need to be engineered in. Have you priced steel lately? I have to agree with the other guys, I don't think you will be money ahead or safely in the end.
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  4. FerrisDiesel

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    I have the.person.with the skills and equipment....
    However after doing clean ups today I think I might just buy a dumptruck. I need more space than what I have! Especially doing some of these properties with 15 or 20 oak trees!!
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