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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Lawn Pilot, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Lawn Pilot

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    I had rushed to list this a few weeks ago,but due to a big change in my full time job ,but was not official yet. I marked it as sold so I didn't have to make a big explanation. Needless to say the change at work is now official, and it makes no sense at this point to continue.My new schedule will make it impossible to make this work. I'm willing to box some things up and ship them if you are willing to pay shipping cost.
    Almost all equipment was purchased new in April 06 .Some items are older and are listed as such.
    6X12 Enclosed Trailer 1600 lbs capacity V-nose-$2200 with Trimmer racks and gas can racks.Used @ 2000 miles.
    Sentar Sport 36" $5000 71 hours Total Time
    Maruyama HT2300 Hedge clippers $260.00
    Shindaiwa EB 8510 Blower $350.00
    Shindiawa T2510 Line Trimmer $250.00
    Shindiawa LE261 Edger $300.00 Almost new was a late season purchase.
    Shindiawa 5 Gal tank sprayer $75.00
    All above was purchased April 06 besides edger.

    Older Equipment
    Honda HRA 215 Harmony mower 1996 with clutch that disengages. $50.00
    Echo T1000 hand held blower 1996. $50.00
    Husky Line trimmer with brush blade 2005 $150.00
    Can post more pics just ask for what equipment.Can't PM as I have not posted enough. Please call 770-290-5797 and leave # and MSG.

    Mower 1.jpg


    Sentar mower.jpg

    Hedge clippers.jpg

  2. Eclipse

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    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is that on the discharge of the Stander?
  3. ashs inc

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    do you have any pics of inside the trailer?
  4. venom

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    how much for the whole she bang
  5. Lawn Pilot

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    1.See more pics
    2.$8400 if you'll take it all at once
    3.Saftey vulcher, also have regular side discharge and mulching kit to go with it.

    Inside trailer.jpg

    Inside trailer2.jpg



  6. Lawn Pilot

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    More pics of mower

    Sentar 2.jpg

    Mower meter.jpg
  7. Lawn Pilot

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    Bump it back up
  8. Lawnworks

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    I'd give $2250 for the sentar.
  9. Lawn Pilot

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    Please don't make dumb offers.
  10. Gaturf

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    ill buy the racks for the enclosed trailer....

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