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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkid, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. lawnkid

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    There are some nice used trailers for sale in the neighborhood and I was wondering if I purchase one if it would fit in my garage. From the concrete pavement to the garage door is about 7 1/2 ft. Now I don't know how tall like a 16 foot enclosed trailer would be so if any of you with enclosed trailers could help me on this on. Thanks :D
  2. IBGreen

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    This may be a stupid question but, why would you need to put an enclosed trailer in a garage. If they are worth anything they don't leak, and you can put locks on them so why would you need to enclose an enclosed trailer? And no it won't fit in there.
  3. He may not be able to park the trailer in his driveway


    Techinclly none of us that live in small muni's can park a commercial trailer in ther drive way.
  4. GraZHopA

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    I have a Wells Cargo 6' x 12' enclosed trailer with dove tail. The height on it is 6' 11 3/4". Many of the trailer manufactures have web pages with size specs. Just find one you like and check it out. I am wondering, if you are looking for an enclosed trailer, why that you would consider keeping it inside. After all isn't an enclosed trailer a portable garage.... I hope this helps in some way.
  5. turfman59

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    The LGF is right again, Zoning ordinances sometimes do not allow commercial vehicles to be park in a residential district, depending on how restrictive it is it may not even allow you to park it in the garage. If you live in cleveland call your local zoning administrator and ask first, he will tell you exactly what your district requires, sometimes if the district allows them they may require a parking permit to park the trailer in the city limits. Also they may say no dice and require you to park it in a commercial C2 district. After being a Mayor and a zoning board member for 6 years email me if I can help with any thing else in regards to local ordinances.

  6. lawnkid

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    I have talked to my city's Zoning dept. and LGF is right, I can't park my trailer on my drive, I can only park in the garage or I have to find somewhere else to store it. There are no close Storage Garages or no places to really park my trailer except for my garage. The only way I could put it on my drive was proabvly if we moved to a larger house which might happen within the next 3 years. We'll see.
  7. turfman59

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    Ok what does the larger house have to do with anything?

    Sounds like an open trailer is in order, But first- did this city administrator tell you that you couldnÂ’t run a business in a Residential district? Most zoning districts that are R-1 do allow for home based business and lawn care is consistent with a Residential setting. If you'd like to fight City Hall you can request what is called a Special Land use permit (usually 100 bucks). You meet with a board to go over the details and all your neighbors within 300 ft are notified. Kind of like a Micro Public hearing, Tell them they are incubating your Home Based landscape business. Special Land use permits, however,m can be assigned guidelines that the board comes up with a their discretion- be prepared to compromise.

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