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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by kawakx125, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Under "Floor-Structural", they list tubular crossmembers.

    These trailers appear to be pretty evenly matched. You'll need to layout everything, spreadsheet-style, I think, to keep track of it all. Whew!

    Neither of their V-noses look very deep. Check the length. Mine is 30", for comparison. I don't know if that will play a role in potential expansion (meaning a 3rd stander or ZTR or whatever). If I didn't have the extra wall angle of my V, I couldn't get the 42" onboard. Meaning, if the V was any shallower, say only 18" of length, I couldn't get it in there.

    Just talked to the dealer and he said he's never had a torsion fail, under normal use. However, smacking the wheels into an abutment or putting a small dozer on 3500lb axles has caused replacement. Haha. His bottom line was that the least maintenance-intensive, most reliable is torsion. The axles are isolated from one another so the torsion will ride nicer. With springs and rockers, when the front axle hits the bump, it sends input through the rocker to the second. Then, the second axle hits that bump and sends input back to the forward axle. It's a lot harder on the trailer, taking all that vibration and impact.

    I hope you didn't think this was going to be easy. :laugh:
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    oh no i didn't expect it to be easy! i'm also not gonna get trigger happy and buy something i'll regret. I have seen and inspected both of these trailers close up, albeit not with all the options i would order. but it gave me a general idea on quality. I am not sure on H&H, but i know stealth is a 30'' v nose, and side by side the H&H it looks identical. right now i put 2 standers on a 10' trailer, and that takes up the ENTIRE length. i'd be able to fit a 3rd in a 16' no problem, although like i mentioned before i don't see myself buying a 3rd mower anytime soon as i just do the lawn care part time.

    i forgot to mention also that my wife will occasionally pull it, so i can guarantee curbs will be hit :)

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