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    Hello -

    I just recently purchased a 7x14 tandem axle enclosed trailer.
    Question: what type of maintenance is needed for the trailer, Do I need to rotate the wheels - should they be balanced. My rear tires seem to drag at times when using the brakes at slow speeds. I have adjusted my brake controller but they still drag. (only at slow speeds).
    Is there a stabilizer for the trailer to keep it from shifting when next to big trucks on the highway?

    I would love some pictures of the interior of enclosed trailers.

  2. mdb landscaping

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    heres a shot what the inside of my old one looked like. sounds to me your brakes still arent adjusted correctly if they are dragging.
  3. ProMo

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    my trailer used to lock up at low speeds now im using a prodigy controller i got on ebay it stops smooth at any speed

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    Do you have brakes on both axles??
    You can buy a sway controller or a weight equalizer hitch. Go to a trailer or camping store and they can show you options. If it is new your brakes are more than likely OK, Just adj. the controller.
    Main maintenance is grease the hubs.

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