Enclosed Trailer or Walker???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CelticGreens, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. CelticGreens

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    in the next month i plan on getting one of the two. this is my second year in the biz and i have a 36" Toro WB and an open trailer, so i would like to make some improvements. I am not sure which would be more beneficial to me. Currently, all my equippment is kept in my garage and my crew must come every morning to load up and nightly to put it all back. simple enough as it is, the labor adds up to hundreds of dollars and would make security better and also shelter for when it rains, not to mention the huge company decal ill put on the sides. on the other hand, i could get a walker, which would speed up my landscaping, i wouldn't have empty the catcher as much, i can get the dethatcher attachment for the front to add a new, quick service and of course look more porfessional. In the end, I plan on purchasing both by the end of summer but i need to know which one would be more beneficial now. I plan on spending about 4000. so i can get a brand new 7X16 enclosed trailer or a used walker. let me know what you guys think.
  2. VnDrWLawnCare

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    I was wondering what brand, style, options you are looking to get in your enclosed trailer. I have been looking to get a 7 X 14 enclosed tandem axle with brakes on all four wheels with 3/8 plywood walls and even extra height and it is going to cost 4600. Dont really care to spend that much so that is why i am asking. The brand i have looked at is a Pace.
    Any info would help.
  3. CelticGreens

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    i myself was probably going to look into a pace, i think a haulmark would run too much. i know there is also american cargo or something like that, but i dont know the quality. is yours really that much? wow i never really looked too much into detail. i just tried to get an overall price around what it would cost, i was thinking 4000-4500 but i guess mine would be runnine in the 5's. well i guess if i wanted to get a quality used walker, it would probably run me anywhere around 5 as well. i dont know, im lost
  4. CelticGreens

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    i would have to agree with you on every option you said, i too would like mine to be 4 wheel tandem. i'd also like 2 roof vents, side entrance, and interior light. i dont know if those are standard or what. i myself was thinking of getting a 14 ft. i know a 12 ft is too small. i think a 14 would be just the right size to fit everything, plus any additional equipment if placed properly. i was just thinking a 16 ft would be the extra efw sq ft that make the idea of space no longer an issue. i know it may never cause a problem in a 14 ft, but just to have that extra 2 ft to ensure that i never have a problem is well worth the extra cost to me. i woiuldn't want to get a 14 and then dissatisfied because i wished i had gotten the bigger one. i have too many issues to worry about with this company with plenty more to come, the last thing i wanna worry about is if i have the room or not. just my opinion.
  5. lawnprosteveo

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    I cant imagine paying what a walker costs for what I feel is a slow mower. But I dont bag much so my opinion is biased. If you bag alot then I would probably spend my money on equipment that would help you do that faster...like the walker mower.. Just my 2 cents.
  6. VnDrWLawnCare

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    When i started to compare apples to apples you get up there in price. Big difference btw lauan walls and 3/8 plywood, .030 exterior and .080 roof, and .024 and galvalume roofs. The lauan walls are mounted on 24" centers, while the 3/8 plywood are on 16" centers. Which means much more strength to hang equipment. The dealer said he would not suggest hanging large items on the lauan walls without a support to the floor.

    Hey guys with enclosed trailers??
    Does your trailers have the best of the best, or just cheap walls and such to make it less expensive?? How are things holding up for you. Anything you would do differently??

  7. AEW

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    seems like you would be better off with an extra mower that you can put to use. trailer would be nice but thats kinda a luxury item...not as "useful" as the mower.

    but we hate unloading and loading everything everyday too...
  8. Mower For Less

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    I have a 6x12 enclosed trailer. It is the "cheapo" with lauan walls. It has ramp door, side entry door, and extra roof height. I wish I would have looked into them a little better when I bought it, I never realized there were so many options you could get on an enclosed trailer. I cut sheets of plywood and screwed them directly to the 24" O.C. framing members to add rigidity to mount my trimmer racks and blowers. Then I cut holes in the floor and added pull-up loops for tying down equipment. Overall it has served me well, but knowing what I know now, I would consider the following items ESSENTIAL:

    1. Extra Roof Height
    2. Ramp Door & Front (side) entry door
    3. Roof Vents (or other vents, just as long as they are VENTS!)
    4. Go bigger than 6x12. at least 7x14. Maybe even 8x16. You will never have too much room.
    5. Deffinitely double axle, even if you dont need the load capacity
    6. Pay the extra for the All Plywood walls. Your life will be so much easier.

    Check out wells-cargo for some ideas. They make a "landscape trailer" that has many of these options and more already standard. Plus some nice extras, like in floor stroage for spare tire, parts, or anything big & bulky.

  9. MJB

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    If you are bagging you will be amazed at how much more productive you will be with the Walker. You might even find you don't need as much help. I doubled my productivity my first yr with a Walker. Because I was bagging most lawns at that time. I was using a 36 Inch Scag with a accelerator and it was rediculous how often I had to stop and dump. I would probably go with the money maker first (Walker) but make sure you get the 9.5 bushel hopper if you can.
  10. yamadooski

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    I would get the enclosed trailer. For starters its a driving bilboard with your info on it.
    Get the 8x16.
    Had the 7x14 been there done that, too small.
    Stay away from Haulmarks and Pace they are junk. Find a local that builds enclosed trailers.
    I recently purchased a new trailer and my old trailer was to small, 7x14.
    Get the vents, tandem axle, torsion springs, and I also had aluminun floor put in instead of plywood. That ran me an extra 1500.

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