Enclosed Trailer Question

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DaLLa$, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. DaLLa$

    DaLLa$ LawnSite Member
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    Cargo Craft,Inc
    23 foot long
    7 foot wide
    36 inch folding side door
    6 foot 5 inch folding rear door
    2 3500 lb tandom axles
    electric brakes on both axles

    ??? Order it or not???

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Do not know much about the brand, trailers here would be about 2 times that much haulmark wells cargo featherlite box trailers are made about the same torsion axles floors walls does it look sharp. sounds like a cheap price
  3. IMoLwnz.com

    IMoLwnz.com LawnSite Member
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    you may (will) need the 5200 axles I just got my Haulmark 24ft with tthe 5200 lb axles and it weighs 3550 EMPTY!!! so if you are with the 2 3500 axles you can ONLY load 3450LBS.... thats not alot for a 23 ft of space. I was going to go with that till I talked to Gale Trailer sales, He is GREAT!!!!!! I got a SUPER deal before prices went UP. I have a 60 ramp door on the side and a 36 man on the other side. all LED lights, loading lights and extra inside lights. That price seems Very low for that size trailer at this date. is it a left over? that may be why its cheeper. Make sure you can load what you want to loat in it and not be over weight!! Is it spring or torsion axle?

    Good luck!!
  4. Eclipse

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    Are they torsion or spring axles?

    What is the spacing of the floor/walls/roof supports?

    Is it a tube or channel frame?

    What is the thickness of the wood on the floor and walls?

    Does it have a ramp door or rear barn doors? Reading your post it looks like rear barn doors. If you plan on hauling mowers the rear ramp door is a must IMHO.

    These are some of the things to consider when looking at a trailer.
  5. Pro - Cut

    Pro - Cut LawnSite Member
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    Hi I just picked up a 24 enclosed I dont think you will like the v front. the 36 inch side door is a nice upgrade. I would also think about vents I got mine and didnt think about that so now I will have to install them. also make sure your stuff will fit in a 7 foot wide trailer. I got a 8 1/2 wide and my 60 ztr with the bagger kit will just sneek in ok. I paid $5500.00 brand new from a litle guy in wisc drive a little save alot got a good deal everyone else wanted $7500.00 to $8000.00 for comp trailer. good luck. also rember if your truck will pull it ok. I now have to go by a new truck to pull it.

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