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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Liendeni, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Ya, I know I am being BIG W today and posting a lot of questions....but I actually have a few quetions that I need help with....not just talking to hear myself talk....or type in this case.

    Anyways, my question is this: I was really looking at enclosed trailers about two months ago when I got started. Decided to just go with the 16ft open for now simply because it was a cheaper start.

    Back to the enclosed - is there some do's and don'ts when buying? And what I mean by that is all the (enclosed trailers) all pretty much looked the same to me until I went down to a Wells Cargo dealer and he pointed out all the differences between their trailers and others. But they were pretty pricey.

    Is it better to maybe get a $3,500-4,000 16 foot enclosed trailer that is not top of the line....or just keep saving and wait and put my money into a better built....more expensive trailer?
  2. SOS Landscaping

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    all enclosed trailers are built diffrenet. Some can have big size but arent meant to carrry heavy load, a lot of enclosed trailers are full framed meaning that the tongue and A frame at the front of the trailer only go underneath the trailer about 2', seen lots of horror stories of people fully ripping the whole A frame out. So lessoned learned go with a full framed trailer. Also some trailers do the wall framing 16' on center, better ones go with 12" on center, this is just meaning that youll having stronger framing of your walls. Personally I wanted a haulmark but didnt like their wall fraiming and some other stuff so I went with a CarMate and I can not be happier. 3500-4000 seems pretty cheap for a 16' trailer even if that is 7-7.5 wide. I got a good deal on mine it was a 8x16 CarMate carhauler, full framed 12" on center walls, ramp door, trailer breaks and I have a GVWR of 8,000lbs. 8' may seem really wide and at first can be a pain driving a trailer wider then your truck, but being able to load your mowers side ways and save on room is awesome.
    My opinion save your money and get something good also dont be afraid to look at used trailers, designs really have no changed except for LED lights which you can upgrade to. In my experiences cutting corners and trying to save money usually ends up costing you more money in the end
  3. JohnnyRoyale

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    I just picked up my Legend 21 ft v Nose this afternoon thats going to be used for one of my maintenance crews. Our other trailer worked hard for 10 years, and is now retired. I also bought a Legend 10 ft V Nose this spring to haul our construction tools around. They are constructed entirely of aluminum, which was important to me, as I'm tired of rotting and the weight associated with steel trailers. I beefed up the axles to 5000 lbs each, and you dont even feel it behind you. Mind you I just got it and havent loaded it yet, so who knows how its gonna pull loaded. Cost a few grand more than others, but definitely work the money. I researched a few brands and was impressed with the quality of the Legend. I regret not opting for the aluminum buds, but it still looks sharp behind my dually. Time to plaster it up with decals.
  4. CuttingEdge LLC

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    What's going on man????

    You saw my trailer when I delivered you the mower, it's a 7 x 16 V-nose 7000lbs drop axle. Has all of the racks you will need inside. I am getting out the buz for now and will let it go for $4500 with all racks. May even through in some echo equipment if interested.
  5. Turf Gnome

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    I also have an enclosed trailer. I went to a very large trailer dealer in my area and discussed the options with them. They have quite the assortment of product lines. The one that really was considered the best IMO was Car Mate. I checked them all out, Pace, Haulmark, etc., etc., You do pay a bit more for it, but honestly, it's a necessity to have good gear to protect your money making gear.
  6. ed2hess

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    We went with Well Fargo because it was heavier in all respects compared to PACE. For example it was lined with 3/4" plywood inside and on the gate. The frames were heavier. By the way get a pretty high GWR if you are going to haul ZTR because with big bumps it stress's everything. We had to reinforce the connection point between the drop down axle and the trailer. I like the 6 foot wide because I can see along each side and makes backing a little easier. The jack needs to rotate up to get out of the way so it don't drag. We have side vents in our as well as top vents. Side door is useless had to make steel bars to keep people from cutting locks and breaking in at night. WE park with back up against a wall. Wiring was heavier on Fargo.
  7. lapseal

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    First, unless you are going to advertise or do not have a safe place to park your trailer and put you equipment inside don't waste your money.

    Its cost alot more fuel to drag a enclosed trailer, we have 4 open 16'x 6' trailers and service 45 plus lawns and do a number of landscape jobs. Keep It Simple.
  8. mowerbrad

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    I completely understand your reasoning in wanting to get an enclosed trailer. But like you said you just started. Don't go spending money just to spend money. Can you justify the cost of purchasing an enclosed trailer right now? How much money will it actually save you over your open trailer? If you are worried about your trimmers and blowers getting stolen off of the trailer then invest a couple hundred dollars in lockable racks. As long as all of your equipment is locked down on the trailer then you shouldn't have to worry about any of it getting stolen. The enclosed trailers can be expensive for people just starting off. You don't need to start off with the best, just build your company up as you go. Once you can justify the cost of the best equipment then start buying it if you need it, not when you just got started a couple of months ago.

    I am not trying to talk you out of buying one at all, I mean its not my money. Just be smart with your money and what you buy with it. If you really want it then by all means go ahead and buy the thing. But before you buy just be sure that you can justify getting the new trailer. BTW if you don't have the money for it don't buy it, by that I mean that if you have to finance it to buy then you shouldn't be buying it.
  9. k911lowe

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    sometimes you can get a horse trailer that will work too.
  10. bohiaa

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    enclosed trailers are NICE, However I have often wondered about fuel storage, and spillage.

    what if ya do jobs where ya haul brush ?

    I suppose there are pros and cons to both sides....

    I went with open simply because I'm cheep....

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