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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Irwin97, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Irwin97

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    Hello everyone. :waving:

    Hope business been treating everyone good. Things been decent for us and we decide it's time for us to make switch from open trailer to enclosed trailer.

    We know Pros vs Cons and we want enclosed as it will benefits us more and meet our needs. We run/own (3) 16 FT Premier Trailers and they been good to us. We are ready to replace them with following:

    We are looking into 7x16 Enclosed Trailer with V-Nose and would like to ask you guys' advice/recommend on this. Is its good set up?

    - Brand trailer?
    - Axle weights?
    - Is 7 feet height ideal?
    - Any reason why we should go with 18 ft instead of 16 ft?
    - What kind of options should I add on trailer ( racks, fan, ac, lights etc )?

    Advice and recommend will be greatly appreciated.

  2. LawnGuy110

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    We don't run enclosed trailera but I would always get bigger than I needed whem buying a trailer because you never know when you will grow and need more space. So rather than going through the hassle of buying another trailer just buy a big one to begin with. If it is at all possible I would go with a 20 footer so you have plenty of space to grow
  3. Irwin97

    Irwin97 LawnSite Member
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    @Kidmows - Thanks for your input. We did discuss into looking at bigger trailer however we feel that it might cause some problems for us.

    Since we do lot of work in downtown area and lot of roads are narrowed along with small alleys esp in historic part of the town so we are trying to stay with 16 ft tops to give us less headache.
  4. Irwin97

    Irwin97 LawnSite Member
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    We've been looking at three different brands since they all seem to be good quality built trailers and I've heard nothing but good things about them.

    First company is Featherlite however we feel that they are out of our price range but we wouldn't hesitate buying Featherlite on spot if we have extra money.

    So that left us with either Wells Cargo or Mirage trailers ... anyone own these and if so how are they/info?
  5. LandFakers

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    Cant speak for brands but you will want to go 8 foot wide. The footprint of the trailer is exactly the same but the wheel wells are on the inside like a truck bed. Definately go V-nose aswell like you already mentioned
  6. Irwin97

    Irwin97 LawnSite Member
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    @LandFakers ... I've looked into 8 ft too and I'm thinking about going with that direct as well 8x16 or maybe 8x18. It seem to give me more space interior to hang my tools/equipments.
  7. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Wells Cargo is a top name brand. I have a Pace 16' myself. Go with the wider trailer like I did. Makes moving equipment inside easier. You rarely hear guys complain about having too much space. If you go to http://server1.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=328865 you can see a list and the things I've done to mine and pictures. I have made more changes since the pictures were taken. I probably have updated pictures on my Plantscape Solutions thread.

    When I bought my trailer I ended up not trusting the foremen I had at the time so I didn't let him use it. I had the ability to think about my trailer layout and tinker on it for probably two years. There are more updated pictures and info at http://www.lawnsite.com/showpost.php?p=4383747&postcount=217.
  8. tenndigger

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    I use a Cargo Express trailer 7 x 18 with extra height. This is a medium quality trailer. It has a 30" side door 48" would have been nice. I only carry 1 60" zero turn and other hand tools. I could carry another mower no problem. A 3/4 ton truck pulls this very well. Before I purchased I thought I wanted a wider trailer but the visibility on the sides is way less even using wide mirrors.
  9. PlantscapeSolutions

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  10. zo6

    zo6 LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have 8x 16 v nose, i love it, but it does seem like i get done quicker with the outdoor trailer for some reason, you may be able to get a third mower in if you go up to 18'

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