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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Sep 6, 2001.

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    Well, it looks like we're going to have to go with an enclosed trailer for next season. Not really by choice, but we just haven't been able to find a decent house for rent with an adequate garage. I've been doing some shopping around, and there is a Pace dealer relatively close by that I've been told is a good dealer for price and aftersale care. The package I'm looking at is the 24'x8 1/2' Rallye RT. I DO know I want to outfit this thing with a generator so I can run a control panel for things like a grinder and such. I'm installing a 30" bench across the front of the trailer, with a flourescent over top, to hold the grinder and a vice. This way, I'll be able to have hardware drawers as well. Anyway, what I'm wondering is, does anyone know of any sort of mechanism (other than a tongue lock) to secure these trailers? I've seen the "boots" for cars before, and wondered if they would work on a trailer as well. I've also considered a remote alarm for the doors (just like an auto alarm) that could run off an automotive battery. Does anyone have a setup like one of these? Any information is greatly appreciated.:blob4:
  2. I have thought of some of the same things, but to keep from unloading. When you buy trailer you should ask them for one that has a gen. compartment. Your light should be fixed mounted, it will swing when you drive if not. and you should fix mount anything and everything you can.

    Trailer lock: they have a lock you can put on the tongue hitch you can lock on it. You might be able to retofit the boot on your tire. But I would also chain it to something too. Remember that if a theif wants it bad enough, nothing will stop him from getting it. Just detour him from trying. Sound good what you have planned Runner. Post some pics when you get it together.

    BTW if you do a search, I saw some have posted some pics of enclosed trailers. I'll let you look for them.

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    Thanks, LGF. Yeah, I had been onto the pic thread a few times. I'll Email you about the other stuff involving security, or if you can just email me some info. I know one great deterant is if I can back up to something like a fence or something and have the side door against the garage or house or something. I know keeping a vehicle parked in front of it certainly helps too. Anyone else have any suggestions or use any good ideas?
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    There is a lock made for dual axles, it fits between the two tires, preventing them from moving.
  5. Runner

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    Now THAT'S what I am looking for!!!:D I was almost SURE there was something out there, like "the Club" for cars, that was built for trailers. Does anyone have ANY idea where I might find something like this? I'll surf around a little and see what I can come up with. Thanks, Paul.
  6. Lawn-Scapes

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    Where ever you buy the trailer from should have it...
  7. Runner

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    I asked, but all he had was a lock for the coupling.
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    I can understand the lenght of your tailer, but why the grinder and generator. yes you need to sharpen your blades. But the weight of you trailer with equipment will be great. If you do need to have the grinder in the trailer. Use a extention cord for the grinder. Most places have a place that you can plug into. Even at home.

    Be sure that your Z mowers and large W/B can go up the ramp. I have seen some of the trailers where the wheels are under it. If they are larger tires, your mower could get high centered at the hinge area. I have replaced the wood already.

    Have them sell you the trailer with out wood on the sides. It is so cheap that you will not be able to hold anything to it. You will need to buy some 5/8 or 3/4 inch ply wood. Now you have added more weight. But you will be able to hang just about anything on the walls with out them pulling out.

    Security, at night have a light over the trailer outside. Park it close to the house or wall. I know that if someone wants the tools they will take a chain saw to it. At night park your truck if it is not hooked up, in front of it. You could even go the expence and put a fence around it.

  9. mdb landscaping

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    i have master locks on all my doors of my trailer and a tongue lock. if i gets stolen i have insurance for that, but if you really want to secure it more than that throw a heavy duty chain in between the spokes of both rims of the tires and lock it up. that should slow them down if they were trying to steal it.
  10. Runner

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    Thanks, Allyn. I would DEFinitely consider the ramp thing! The package I was looking at has a lower floor and the fenders protrude out a bit from the side of the trailer. I would really rather go with an 8' width as opposed to the 8'6", too. Considering the plywood thing, I may be better off to just order one and do as you said. Does anyone else have trouble with their 3/8" ply or no? The reason I want the generator, is to run the compressor whenever I want and the grinder is sort of an added bonus. As I said, I would probably end up having to have the grinder mounted in the trailer anyways. I have already decided that I want to equip the trailer to be independent, but also so I would just be able to "plug it it" when I'm around the home. (This was sort of my fathers idea.) So, I'll probably have a covered receptacle with a male outlet mounted on the side somewhere. One thing I am kind of up in the air about however, is the roof. I can see how a one piece solid roof would certainly be an asset, (I think) but as I shopped around, I found that SEVERAL nicer trailers have riveted roofs, so maybe this isn't ALL bad.

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