Enclosed trailer Security


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I am going to buy an enclosed trailer in a couple of days and i was wondering what you use to prevent it from getting stolen(someone pulling up and taking it) I found a couple of products but im not sure about them.

This one looks like you can break it off with a sleg hammer easily.



both of these look like there the best.

what do you think?
What do you use to secure the tongue of your trailer?


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I like the bottom one myself. Have you found any that use a combination lock? Keys sure get bulky, especially when you have to have one for EVERYTHING.


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i have the first product you showed. The only problem i have is if i don't use the jack and put it down on the ground the key hole gets plugged with mud/dirt. I've never had it tested with a sledge, but i like it over all. Mine has a cylindrical key like found on vending machines, not a traditional key like pictured.

Hardly anything will stop someone from stealing something they really want.


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Get the boots for the wheels. Tongue locks alone won't do it. Here's an example. I have a friend who is a repo man. He has a device, that is a large A-frame that opens and closes, so it is adjustable to all A angles of a tonge. This thing slides over a trailer tongue, and clamps down using several large T-bar clamps. It has it's own ball coupler right on it. It even has it's own safety chains.
The main thing is, is that we are not just talking about a $5000 trailer here, we are talking about a $5000 trailer FULL OF EQUIPMENT at stake! Don't risk it, and invest! Many people have even installed audible alarms on their units, with a sealed battery system to power them. Don't take chances!

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